Friday, 14 November 2014

Demo Database XPages And More

The first version of the demo database is available for download and contains the examples below.
The focus in this first version is on the code examples and not (yet) on the UI.
The demo database uses the OpenNTF Bootstrap4XPages plugin which will be 'replaced' in the next version of the demo database. The OpenNTF Bootstrap4XPages plugin will be included in the new release of the OpenNTF Extension Library (see XPages Goes Responsive).

- The demo database uses the OpenNTF Bootstrap4XPages plugin.
- The database is set up for demonstration purposes only.
- For more information see the associated blog posts.
- Check the Custom Controls for the code examples.
- The WebContent Folder contains the following resources/plugins.

1. Bootstrap DateTimePicker
Associated XPage : BootstrapDateTimePicker
More info : Using Bootstrap DateTimePicker

2. Reusable Bootstrap Text / Rich Text Fields
Associated XPage : BootstrapReusableFields
Associated Custom Controls : ccRBSTextField / ccRBSRichTextField
More info : Reusable Bootstrap Text Field and Reusable Rich Text Field

3. Bootstrap Text Fields With Validation
Associated XPage : BootstrapTextFieldsWithValidation
Associated Custom Control : ccvalidationBSTextField
More info :  Validation Reusable Text Field

4. Bootstrap RichText Field With Validation
Associated XPage : BootstrapRichTextFieldWithValidation
Associated Custom Control : ccvalidationBSRichTextField
More info : Validation Rich Text Field

5. Bootstrap Reusable Fields including validation (and Font Awesome)
Associated XPage : BootstrapReusableFieldsWithValidation
Associated Custom Controls : ccvalidationBSRichTextField / ccvalidationBSTextField
(aggregation of point 3 and 4)
More info : Font Awesome Icons

6. BootstrapCK4 Skin for CKEditor4
Associated XPage : CKEditorSkin
Associated Custom Controls : ccCKEditorSkin and ccBSCKE
More info : BootstrapCK4 Skin for CKEditor

7. Bootstrap FileInput Plugin
Associated XPage : FileInput
More info : Using FileInput in XPages

8. Select2 (Bootstrap4XPages Plugin)
Associated XPages : Select2InXPages / Select2InXPagesPlugin
Associated Custom Controls : ccselect2 / ccselect2plugin
More info : Using Select2 in XPages (Part I) and Using Select2 in XPages (Part II)

9. Using Font Awesome Icons
Associated XPages : FontAwesomeIcons / FontAwesomeIconComputedText
Associated Custom Controls : ccRBSTextFieldFA / ccRBSTextFieldFAComputedText
More info : Font Awesome Icons

The demo database will be expanded in the future with more examples associated with future blog post.

Download Demo Database XPages And More


  1. thank you for the example. I notice you can upload only one file per document. Is this something that can be changed easily (selecting & uploading multiple files at once) ?

    1. I have not yet further examined and elaborated the possibility for a multiple file upload in this first setup.
      I know there is an attribute that can be added, with the name 'multiple'and a value of 'true'.
      Additionally there will be some extra code needed to upload the multiple files and add the files to the document.
      I will elaborate this further and add this to this blog post.

  2. Thanx for this great example how to use bootstrap in xpages

    1. You're welcome. In the coming period the database will be further expanded. When the new version is available I will put it again as a download on this site.