Monday, 10 November 2014

XPages Goes Responsive

Bootstrap is now part of the latest XPages Extension Library!
Responsive Web Design Support in XPages, Enhanced Application Layout Wizard and Enhancements to the theme combo boxes in the Xsp Properties editor have been added to the new release of the XPages Extension Library.

From the release notes:
Support for Bootstrap, a Responsive Web Design (RWD) framework, is a new feature that has been added to the new release of the XPages Extension Library. It comes in the form of an XPages Responsive Bootstrap plugin that you can leverage in XPages applications.
The plugin provides two themes that you can use in your applications as well as Bootstrap v3.2.0 & jQuery v2.1.1. With Bootstrap you can create dynamic responsive web applications that provide an optimised user experience for a range of devices, from mobile phones to large desktop monitors.

Responsive Application Layout Configuration

The XRB plugin adds a new renderer for the Application Layout control and a new Application Configuration complex type for the control. The new renderer type ( is automatically applied to Application Layout controls in your application when you enable either of the Bootstrap themes in the application's The renderer gives the Application Layout a Bootstrap look and feel, as well as making the control responsive.
The new Bootstrap Responsive Application Configuration further enhances the responsive capabilities of the App Layout control. You can add it to a new App Layout control using the enhanced Application Layout wizard or via the Properties panel for the control.

You can also update existing Application Layout controls to use the responsive configuration, by changing your application layout configuration from "xe:applicationConfiguration" or "xe:oneuiApplication" to use "xe:bootstrapResponsiveConfiguration" instead.

jQuery 2.1.1 is packaged as part of the XPages Repsonsive Bootstrap plugin. "jquery-2.1.1.js" is provided as a resource in the "Bootstrap3.2.0" & "Bootstrap3.2.0_flat" themes.

You can download the new release from the OpenNTF website : XPages Extension Library.

See also the blog post from Mark Leussink Bootstrap in XPages: now part of the Extension Library.

Using Bootstrap in XPages means from today using the OpenNTF XPages Extension Library!


  1. I see the documentation for the new release, but not the new release itself. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place...

    1. It is temporarily not available on OpenNTF. It apparently has some issues. Should be available soon again on OpenNTF.