Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New blog series: Bootstrap in XPages

Starting next week I will begin with a new blog series, Bootstrap in XPages. In the recent past I already have a number of blog posts dedicated on this blog to Bootstrap in XPages. If you're interested in using Bootstrap in XPages check out these blog post:
You can also download the first version of the demo database XPages and more.
The database is related to the above blog posts.
For more information and download see the  blog post Demo Database XPages And More.
You can also already watch my contribution to NotesIn9 about using Select2 in XPages. For more information see my blog post My appearance on NotesIn9.

Next week I will start with a short introduction. So stay tuned!


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    2. I hope you will like this series. I hope to be able to meet the expectations.

  2. I look forward to this as well.

    I have a question already.

    How do you use the latest Ext Lib that includes Bootstrap in an environment with many users still on the 9.0.0 client?

    1. I hope you will like this series. I give considerable attention to the XPages Extension Library at the beginning of the series so your question will be answered soon. I've already gotten more questions about this.