Friday, 8 May 2015

Superb XPages topics that have been shared

During the first quarter of 2015 (actually the first four months) some superb XPages (and other) topics have been shared. In this blog post my summary of the highlights.
First of all we have had some superb webinars. In case you missed the webinars below these were, in my opinion, the most innovative. Furthermore, David Leedy (NotesIn9) also shared some great topics with the community. And of course Mark Roden with the IBMSBT in XPages and Bluemix series, Fredrik Norling with the Moving on with Excel Export series, Eric McCormick  with the Servlets series, Steve Zavocki with the Using a DB2 Datasource in XPages series and Paul Withers with the XOTS: Background and Multithreaded Tasks OpenNTF the Domino API Way series.
IBM Champions thanks for sharing this knowledge with the Notes Domino and XPages community.
Furthermore, thanks to everyone who shares his knowledge with the community: respect!


1. Webinar Transformations: Smart Application Migration to XPages
By Oliver Busse
Migrating legacy applications with XPages without using any third party tools can be hard. Your code that was built and maintained over the years should be reused and ported to a current XPages environment. Oliver Busse will show you how to benefit from the possibilities of using Java in XPages to reproduce the functionality you already have and extend it to the next level.
For more information: My slides & demo app from today's webinar of TLCC & Teamstudio

2. Webinar Using jQuery DataTables in IBM XPages
By Oliver Busse
This is an addition to the TLCC & Teamstudio webinar from March 17.
For a current project I looked for a way to extend HTML tables to display a fixed header row, a static height and a way to scroll through the data. I also wanted the first column to be fixed, too. After some researches I found the great jQuery plugin called DataTables. The fixed header row is a default feature, the fixed column can be added as an extension very easily.
For more information : Using DataTables with XPages

3. Webinar Presenting Data - An Alternative to the View Control
By Paul Della-Nebbia
In this webinar, Paul Della-Nebbia, an IBM Champion, will show how to implement a different alternative for displaying information from Domino views. Paul will cover how to use the Dojo Data Grid (included with XPages) to display a data grid that provides unique features like infinite scrolling, click to sort column headers, adjustable column widths, filtering, and the ability to drag and drop column headers to reorder. As the user scrolls through, the view data is retrieved as needed which improves performance and usability.

Some of my highlights of NotesIn9

1. OpenNTF - NotesIn9 175 - XPages Extension Library goes Responsive Part II
A video collaboration between the XPages development team and David Leedy's Notes In 9 Series, showing off the latest additions to the Bootstrap plugin in the XPages Extension Library.

2. NotesIn9 174: Getting Started with Custom Renderers
In this show Oliver Busse returns with a great show on how to get started with Custom Renderers.

3. NotesIn9 173: Getting Started with Servlets
This is one of those shows that I think is really important. Today we welcome Eric McCormick, a new contributor and IBM Champion, to the show.  Eric did a geat demo showing us how to get started using Java to make Servlets inside our XPages Applications.  This opens a lot of doors to expose your data to applications outside of the Domino server.

We have a great community !!!!! 


  1. Thanks for linking my stuff! the DataTables video actually was made as an "addon" as I was not able to do it "live" during the webinar itself. My former company forbid me to do that as it was just 3 days before I left. Reasonably but you bet I was pissed. Anyway, the transformation webinar went very well and I am looking forward to be a part of them (and also on NotesIn9) again very soon. Cheers!

    1. You're welcome. It's really great stuff you share with the community!