Sunday, 28 June 2015

Notes Domino and XPages Community

As you may know, I am Moderator of the Google+ XPages Community (and Curator of Collaboration Today). Together with the owner Rob Bontekoe, my old XPages teacher, the Google+ XPages community was founded some years ago.
The aim of this community is to promote XPages as a development tool and sharing information about XPages, Notes Domino and, in the near future, XPages for Bluemix.
Once a week The XPages Weekly is published, compiled by Rob Bontekoe.
At this time, the community has 394 members and is still expanding.
If you are not yet a member of this community and want to be kept informed of the latest news and if you want to share news about Notes Domino and XPages then join the Google+ community now.
The more members the more news and the more it is shared within our community.

Link to the Google+ XPages Community : XPages Community

We hope at the end of this year to have more than 400 members :)

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  1. Should the goal in a community not be the participation level by its members and not the actual amount of members?

    A good question to think about during your holidays. Enjoy!