Friday, 12 June 2015

The Future of Domino Application Development, XPages, Notes and Verse

About four weeks ago we have seen what IBM has to offer regarding the future of Domino (XPages) Application Development. In case you missed it below the webinar and the associated slides.

The content of this webinar was:
Learn IBM's product directions for Domino and XPages application development from 3 speakers from the IBM development team: Pete Janzen, Martin Donnelly, and Brian Gleeson.
The Domino application development landscape is about to get a whole lot richer. Not only is IBM giving developers new features that will enhance their on-premises platform, XPages runtime and Domino Designer, but they will show how they are bringing the value of Domino to the cloud with new services for IBM Bluemix. New responsive design features, RDBMS data sources, document encryption on the Web, and Bluemix: there's a lot to pack in!

Coming Tuesday, June 16th, there is another webinar, Domino, Notes and Verse - Where are we and What's the Future?

Contents of this webinar will be:
Come hear from IBM's product team and learn where Notes, Domino and Verse are headed in this webinar for administrators, application developers and managers. The product team from IBM will cover the following topics:
Domino and Notes Directions with Scott Vrusho - Learn the future directions of the Notes and iNotes client, and the Domino server.
Domino Security with Dave Kern and Kevin Lynch - Learn how the recent changes to the Domino server have enabled Domino to be a very secure platform and learn what you should do to make sure your Domino servers are using the latest security enhancements.
IBM Verse with Scott Souder - Scott will review what IBM Verse is and where it is going. Then hold onto your seat as Scott shows you why Verse is the new way to work!
For this webinar you can register on the website of TLCC: Register

This week Chris Miller also wrote an excellent blog post about what we can expect - Update on IBM Verse and the IBM Messaging Roadmap.
There is more to come next week so stay tuned and register for the upcoming webinar next Tuesday.

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