Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Creating XPages Applications with the IBM XPages Web Starter on Bluemix

Since the release of the new OpenNTF Extension Library I started with XPages for Bluemix. In the beginning skeptical but after a first test particularly excited. In this blog post my first experiences with Creating XPages Apllications with the IBM XPages Web Starter on Bluemix.
The IBM XPages Web Starter application is a boilerplate that you can use to develop XPages applications in Bluemix. The starter application combines the IBM XPages for Bluemix runtime environment and the IBM XPages NoSQL Database for Bluemix service to create a functional to-do application that works immediately after you create it. You can create, modify, and delete to-do tasks. The tasks are then saved to the back-end database.

To begin you will first need an IBM Bluemix account. Secondly, the latest version of the OpenNTF XPages Extension Library must be installed in the DDE. After installing the latest version of the OpenNTF Extension Library a new option in the Preferences is available.

Enter your user name and your password and click Test Connection. 

To use the XPages Web Starter from the Bluemix user interface, complete the following steps:

Log in to Bluemix through the web user interface.
Scroll to the end of the Catalog. In the Looking for more? section, click Bluemix Labs Catalog.

Select the XPages Web Starter from the Boilerplates section of the Bluemix Labs Catalog, and click View More.

Provide the application name, modify the host name if required, and click Create. After a short wait, your application starts.

To view the XPages Application click the link: 

Creating the database works perfectly.Impressed considering this is only experimental. There is more to come in the next period :)

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