Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Customizing the XPages Web Starter Application on Bluemix - Start Coding

After completing the setup of the XPages database on Bluemix in the previous blog post, Creating XPages Applications with the IBM XPages Web Starter on Bluemix, it is now time to perform the next step, downloading and importing the starter code in the DDE.
First the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface must be downloaded and then be installed. Second, the Starter Code must be downloaded. See the instructions below.

After downloading the Starter Code open the Tools Menu in the DDE  and select the option Import Bluemix IBM Starter Code.

A Wizard will be started to import the Starter Code.

Once the Wizard is completed a new XPages Application has been added to the Domino Designer with a connection to the Bluemix environment. 

To deploy new code to the Bluemix environment right click on the XPages database and select Deploy Application.

In the next blog post some changes will be made in the XPages database and transferred to the Bluemix environment.

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