Friday, 10 July 2015

Extend Notes Domino applications to mobile devices without programming

The last few weeks I'm looking for a good solution to extend 'classic' Notes Domino Applications (the non XPages - non-Bootstrap applications) to mobile devices without requiring a lot of programming work. For the project I have received it is important that the(se) solution(s) can be implemented without the immediate need for Notes Domino / XPages developers. In my search for a good solution I came across the following - AppXtender: Extend Lotus Notes applications to mobile devices without programming by Velocity. It is not a 'free' solution. Below some information about AppXtender.

Get Going Right Out of the Box
Notes Domino administrators and developers can now put access to Notes databases into the hands of remote staff. Increase productivity by streamlining workflow approvals, extending project tracking, allowing remote access to variety of business functions such as CRM, approvals, purchases, and expense requests and more.
Simply point and click through forms and fields to create custom mobile apps. Custom interface styles and the ability to create different layouts and add custom graphics ensure that your new mobile apps can match the look of your business identity to deliver a more seamless user experience.

Velocity AppXtender for IBM Domino easily extends enterprise dynamic applications to a smart phone from an IBM Domino application—without the need for developers. IBM Domino professionals can point and click through familiar forms and fields to create custom mobile apps using a wide range of smart phone features, including phone, SMS, email and the browser.

Velocity AppXtender for IBM Domino is configured using the IBM Notes client and includes server-side code for accessing IBM Domino data and sending it to mobile devices, and a run-time program installed on the mobile device to display the user interface and controls.

It is even a OpenNTF project, which I did not know : AppXtender

AppXtender Quick Reference Guide : AppXtender QuickReference.pdf
The quick reference guide provides an overview of the AppXtender application, its features, a description of how it works and how to get started using the tool to build mobile access to your Domino applications. It also includes contact information if you need help getting started.

The AppXtender NSF database allows for the creation of HTML5 applications by configuring AppXtender to connect with IBM Domino Applications. Source NSF applications do not require any changes, upgrades or XPages development. Screenshots and documentation is included.

I am now viewing the OpenNTF version and the documentation. My first impression: Looks good and is easy to use. Is there anyone who has been using this solution already in a live environment? A feedback how this is experienced is appreciated. Other options are also welcome.


  1. AppXtender is no longer available as a commercial product from Kryos. It only exists now as an open source project on OpenNTF. Having said that, it works perfectly well as a tool to provide a mobile interface to a Notes application (HTML5 only) when you don't have the time to invest in learning XPages. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.