Friday, 17 July 2015

IBM XPages on Bluemix: Deploy changes to the Bluemix environment via Domino Designer

In my previous post I described how an XPages Application can be created in Bluemix, Creating XPages Applications with the IBM XPages Web Starter on Bluemix, and how the Starter Code can be imported into the Domino Designer (DDE), Customizing the XPages Web Starter Application on Bluemix - Start Coding. In this blog post I will show how a change in the XPages Application can be transferred / deployed to the Bluemix environment via the DDE.

After the XPages Application has been created in Bluemix and the Starter Code has been imported into the DDE the IBM XPages ToDo Design Application will be available in the Domino Designer.

Create change
At first, I made a small change to the existing XPages Application. On the XPage todoDoc I added the value 'Very High' in the field Priority.

Deploy Application
Designer copies the modified application to the deployment directory, and the application is pushed to Bluemix. The application stops, restages, and restarts on Bluemix. This process takes a few minutes to fully complete. To deploy new code to the Bluemix environment right click on the XPages database and select Deploy Application.

The next screen will appear in the Domino Designer.

After some time the following screen appears:

During the deployment of the change to the Bluemix environment the following message, among others, is visible in Bluemix.

Start XPages Application on Bluemix
If the changes are deployed the XPages Application can be started in the Bluemix environment.
In the example below the desgin change has been properly deployed to the Bluemix environment. The priority Very High is now available in Bluemix.

The deployment of the changes is relatively fast. This method of deployment works excellent!
See also the blog post of Mark Roden, XPages in Bluemix – Pushing new changes via Bluemix git repository.

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