Thursday, 30 July 2015

IBM XPages on Bluemix - Great new video - Getting started with XPages on Bluemix - XPages Boilerplate Tutorial

Today Brian Gleeson has published a great new video on IBM developerWorks about IBM XPages on Bluemix - Getting started with XPages on Bluemix (XPages Boilerplate Tutorial).
This video covers a number of previously published blog post about IBM XPages on Bluemix.

If you are interested in IBM XPages on Bluemix and how to start with this
you should definitely watch this great video.
Also check out the accompanying blog post by Brian Gleeson on IBM developerWorks, Getting started with XPages on Bluemix.
This presentation covers IBM XPages Runtime, IBM XPages NoSQL Database and XPages Web Starter.

See also XPages on Bluemix - What are you waiting for?
Recently released on Bluemix were three experimental additions to the Bluemix Labs catalog: the XPages runtime, XPages NoSQL Database Service and the XPages Web Starter. This is a whistle-stop tour of what is on offer and to get a taste of why you should start developing XPages applications for Bluemix.

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