Saturday, 22 August 2015

Quick Notes Domino Tip: Change a row color in a view based on a column's value

For a current 'classic Notes Domino' project, it is necessary that certain rows in a view obtain a specific color regarding the text. In order to solve this question I added a new column (the first column in the view) to the specific view. On the column properties dialog, the first tab, I selected the "Use value as color" option.

On the last tab I selected the option "Hide column".

As a column formula I used the following @Formula:

NormalView := -1:-1:-1;
Red := 255:0:0;
Black := 0:0:0;
White := 255:255:255;
Blue := 0:0:255;
Green :=0:119:0;
DarkBlue := 0:0:119;
Gray := 119:119:119;
LightGray := 154:154:154;
Status = "High"; NormalView : Red;
Status = "Medium"; NormalView : Blue;
Status = "Low"; NormalView : DkGreen;
NormalView : Black )

A color column can be put at any location within the view. Anything to the right of the color column will get the results of the color column. You can use multiple color columns.

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