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ICON UK 2015 - Sessions, Slides and more

Every September, IBM users meet for ICON UK to learn, network, share experiences, and highlight best practices. Sessions include the latest IBM software developments presented by leading speakers in the global IBM community.  It's only rarely that you get so many excellent speakers in one place outside of IBM ConnectED.
In this blog post  I'll give an overview of the sessions form ICON UK 2015 so far as they have become available. This blog post will be updated regularly in the coming period.

Out of the Blue - the Workflow in Bluemix Development
Oliver Busse
This session is a show and tell how to get started with app development on the IBM Bluemix platform. This is a guide beginning with registering to Bluemix/IBM, showing to add and use a runtime and utilize existing services as NoSQL databases and/or IBM Watson in your applications. It will also show you how to define your workflow using the JazzHub and/or Git services provided by IBM to automatically test, build and deploy your application you just developed locally within your IDE. Tools that are used: a browser, Eclipse with the IBM Bluemix and RTC/EGit plugin installed and some editors and frameworks i.e. Bootstrap UI. The session will contain a bunch of live demos:
Creating a new app from the scratch on Bluemix and set it up in your IDE including some customizing
Creating an existing app in your IDE and deploy it on Bluemix
Sources will be available on Github and/or JazzHub

How to Embrace Your XPages Plugin Super Powers
Serdar Basegmez
Using Java in your XPages applications gives you 'super powers'. Developers can use these Java super powers to fight even the most complex beast of an application. But some superheros frequently resort to copying and pasting libraries between applications. It's time for you to embrace new development super powers! This session will equip you with the skills and techniques you will need. We will first start by covering the basics of plugins. And then, we will move on to look into some first-hand experiences and best practices to overcome difficulties. As a bonus, you will see how to develop and reuse the same artifacts across different applications and different runtimes (e.g. DOTS, Servlets, External applications, etc). Start building your very own extension library and concentrate our applications instead of utilities.

Files, files everywhere! 
Do you know where your organisations documents are and can you say you control it when that auditor 'comes knocking'?
Femke Goedhart
The good old 'document' might not be sexy anymore, it is still often the work horse of the organization. Containing most of our business information and knowledge and often being the preferred way of distribution by users, customers and partners alike. Traditionally we used formal document management tools and the 'good old' file share for storing documents but with collaboration tools like teamrooms, discussion databases and Quickr, the rise of Enterprise social Networking tools like IBM Connections and the ease with which users can get external tools like OneDrive, Dropbox and many others, a lot of that has become muddled. I will take you through some of the scenario's of modern document management, talk about the struggles of migration and give you tools and insights that can help you device a strategy to keep both your users as well as auditors happy.

Zen and the art of requirements gathering
Why getting to "In time, On budget and In scope" is easier if you start out right
Femke Goedhart
Often forgotten or trivialized, good requirements gathering can make or brake your project. This session will give you techniques and tips on how to effectively get to the core of the requirements, identify ways of prioritizing them and explains some core concepts of Functional and Technical design elements. Based on years of experience gathering requirements (and working with them!) Femke & Tim will take you through some of the real life examples they've come across and a lot of do's & don'ts they have run into. Tying them into practice and theory that can help you get your projects off to a better start.

Need XPages apps fast?  Need apps on Mobile devices?  Don’t have XPages knowledge? We4IT brings you Aveedo!
Simon Peek
Discover how the Aveedo framework can help you build new XPages apps and modernize existing Notes databases rapidly and without any XPages skills.  Many of us are struggling to find the time to create all the new XPages application that we need to. And then there's all those old Notes dbs that now need to be brought to the browser and to mobile devices.  CREATE new applications without using Domino Designer.  Simple apps can be created in minutes, average apps in a few hours to a couple of days and complex apps in a week or two.  MODERNIZE existing Notes client applications to state-of-the-art browser-based apps without changing the underlying database.  MOBILIZE applications without additional effort – the responsive design means that applications automatically adapt themselves according to the size of the screen on which it’s being viewed.  And WORKFLOW becomes easier to add to applications using Aveedo’s visual modelling tool.
Below a video of the Webinar from 19.05.2015, Building XPages App with Aveedo.

European Collaboration with a Swiss Twist
Sandra B├╝hler
Last year we started a challenging project consisting of renewing and enhancing the collaboration platform for a European insurance conglomerate. We moved from an antiquate chat server and different IBM Notes databases to a fully integrated platform with IBM Sametime, IBM Connections and IBM Notes/Domino (XPages) applications. To top it all up, we customised the user experience with a design partner to create a unique collaboration platform. We'll talk about the starting point, the pitfalls, the successful results and a lot of PMRs and how the platform is used now and what are the plans for the next phase.

REST services and IBM Domino/XWork
John Dalsgaard
Loose coupling of systems is key to future development! Why? Because it will allow us to change the "components" as we go along instead of creating monster big systems that are tied together using all sorts of different technologies. Webservices have been a way to obtain this over the last decade. More recently a special variant has become very popular, namely the JSON based REST service.
Imagine you could extend your data out to the world outside your Domino environment? - in an easy way....! And imagine those data could easily be incorporated into other systems via standardized interfaces... Could that extend the value of your current systems further? Could this be a way to use new technologies to modernize your users' experience of working with your systems?
Come and take away knowledge about how to open your Domino/XWork based systems up to the world outside using JSON based REST services. They are going to be key to future development in Domino/XWork - whether you want to use data in browser solutions (e.g. based on angular.js or ExtJS) or native mobile apps (built in whatever technology is best).

Planning and Completing An IBM Connections Upgrade
Gabriella Davis
So you have your Connections 5 or 4.5 environment but then an update comes out and that can require a lot of changes. CR2 for instance gave us updates to DB2, to Websphere, to database schemas, to applications and even to Filenet. FixCentral also often offers up updates and fixes. In this session we'll discuss how you can decide when and what to upgrade, how to plan for and perform a safe upgrade,  some things that can trip you up along the way and how to tell if your upgrade completed successfully.  All of this based on my experiences of untold successful (and sometimes not so successful!) upgrades.

A consultant’s story - changing your technology
Gabriella Davis
The Domino community is a vibrant, passionate world, but the market reality is now hard to ignore. You may be looking at the marketplace as it stands and thinking about the future. You may have spent a long time becoming well known in a technology set, only know to find it is going away. In this informal session come share your stories and here why you're a lot more valuable than you may think you are. Expect a love of the Domino platform, a good dollop of positivity and a bit of painful honesty.

To Infinity and Beyond: OpenNTF Domino API and CrossWorlds
Paul Withers
OpenNTF Domino API has revolutionised XPages development and enabled opportunities never before considered. Through the new demo application, we'll show some of the key APIs that can improve your development experience when interacting with Domino data, whether leveraged from within XPages, the Domino OSGi layer or beyond. Then with CrossWorlds we'll show how Domino + Websphere Liberty Profile can allow standard web application development to use Domino in ways never previously imagined.

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