Thursday, 24 September 2015

XPages ACL Manager Update

On August 25 I wrote a blog post about the XPages ACL Manager.

On the blog post at that time, the following was stated about the XPages ACL Manager: This tool will give you tremendous flexibility to manage your database ACL through web. Not only that, usefull to reduce lots of effort made behind Maintaining each database's ACL separately and to surpass the flexibility, this tool is targeted to providence handling multiple databases from one single Web page.
Today I received an email which stated that the tool is finished. XPages ACL Manager will be posted very soon on OpenNTF! 
Below are some videos that demonstrate the working of the XPages ACL Manager. More info: XPages ACL Manager. A very interesting option for XPages Developers and Administrators.

1. XPages ACL Manager Walkthrough

2. XPages ACL Manager Basic Tab

3. XPages ACL Manager Roles Tab

4. XPages ACL Manager Log Tab

5. XPages ACL Manager Advanced Tab

6. XPages ACL Manager Validation

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