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A Great Community, Amazing Content , A Great Year. Thank you!

I am writing my hundredth blog post this year and realized that this had to be a 'special' blog post. In this blog post I'm going to look back over the past year up to now in which I have asked myself the question whether 2015 was a another great year regarding IBM Domino and XPages. Below my highlights of the past year that answers this question with Yes! It was a great year! With this retrospective, I would also like to thank those who have made a significant contribution in my perception to the community this past year. Thank you!

During the first four months some superb XPages (and other) topics were shared. Some highlights from these months were some amazing webinars. Below, in my opinion, the most innovative. Furthermore, David Leedy (NotesIn9) also shared some great topics with the community. And of course Mark Roden with the IBMSBT in XPages and Bluemix series, Fredrik Norling with the Moving on with Excel Export series, Eric McCormick  with the Servlets series, Steve Zavocki with the Using a DB2 Datasource in XPages series and Paul Withers with the XOTS: Background and Multithreaded Tasks OpenNTF the Domino API Way series.

Webinar Transformations: Smart Application Migration to XPages
By Oliver Busse
Migrating legacy applications with XPages without using any third party tools can be hard. Your code that was built and maintained over the years should be reused and ported to a current XPages environment. Oliver Busse will show you how to benefit from the possibilities of using Java in XPages to reproduce the functionality you already have and extend it to the next level.
For more information: My slides & demo app from today's webinar of TLCC & Teamstudio

Webinar Using jQuery DataTables in IBM XPages
By Oliver Busse
This is an addition to the TLCC & Teamstudio webinar from March 17.
For a current project I looked for a way to extend HTML tables to display a fixed header row, a static height and a way to scroll through the data. I also wanted the first column to be fixed, too. After some researches I found the great jQuery plugin called DataTables. The fixed header row is a default feature, the fixed column can be added as an extension very easily.
For more information : Using DataTables with XPages

During this period, the twelfth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library was released. It contained a number of new enhancements and bug fixes. More and more Bootstrap functionalities became available in the XPages Extension Library such as the new Carousel, Dashboard, and Navbar controls which further enhance the Responsive tool set available to XPages application developers.
The release was followed by a video collaboration between the XPages development team and David Leedy's Notes In 9 Series, showing off the latest additions to the Bootstrap plugin in the XPages Extension Library, OpenNTF - NotesIn9 175 - XPages Extension Library goes Responsive Part II.

Subsequently two more great NotesIn9 shows were published.

NotesIn9 174: Getting Started with Custom Renderers
In this show Oliver Busse returned with a great show on how to get started with Custom Renderers.

NotesIn9 173: Getting Started with Servlets
This is one of those shows that I think is really important. Today we welcome Eric McCormick, a new contributor and IBM Champion, to the show.  Eric did a geat demo showing us how to get started using Java to make Servlets inside our XPages Applications. This opens a lot of doors to expose your data to applications outside of the Domino server.

Amazing content during these first four months.
In May, IBM provided insight about The Future of Domino Application Development. This was presented in a Webinar by T.L.C.C and Teamstudio.
'Learn IBM's product directions for Domino and XPages application development from 3 speakers from the IBM development team: Pete Janzen, Martin Donnelly, and Brian Gleeson.
The Domino application development landscape is about to get a whole lot richer. Not only is IBM giving developers new features that will enhance their on-premises platform, XPages runtime and Domino Designer, but they will show how they are bringing the value of Domino to the cloud with new services for IBM Bluemix. New responsive design features, RDBMS data sources, document encryption on the Web, and Bluemix: there's a lot to pack in!'

During the summer break it was bit quieter but that soon changed.
In June there were some very good NotesIn9 shows of John Jardin about the XPages Bootstrap Date Picker and Bootstrap Pager Styles for XPages (NotesIn9 177: Bootstrap Pager Styles for XPages, NotesIn9 178 : XPages Bootstrap Date Picker Part 1 and NotesIn9 179 : XPages Bootstrap Date Picker Part 2). A true hat trick!

In July the thirteenth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (extlib) was released. IBM XPages for Bluemix was launched! Experimental, but IBM XPages for Bluemix could be used. Simply amazing.
It contained significant new enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes and the exciting new Bluemix enhancements for both Domino Designer and the XPages runtime. Also there were important updates to the XPages responsive capabilities and some fixes pertaining to both DAS (REST services) and the XPages iNotes calendar control wrapper.
During the subsequent period, in particular, by Mark Roden, there was widely published about IBM XPages for Bluemix. For an overview see my page : IBM XPages on Bluemix.

In August the fourteenth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) was released. It contained new enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes and new Bluemix capabilities for both Domino Designer and the XPages runtime. There were also updates to the XPages Picker controls and some fixes pertaining to both the general XPages runtime and DAS (REST services). Another great release!

In September we had another great webinar, An Introduction to the Model-View-Controller Pattern.
Ulrich Krause showed how to use the MVC design paradigm in an XPages application and demonstrated how easy it is to implement changes. Need to read/write your data from/to an XML file instead of using a Notes View? MVC makes software maintenance as easy as 1-2-3!
As a bonus, Pete Janzen, IBM Product Manager, provided a short update about what's new and upcoming from IBM for XPages and Domino application development.

Also Eric McCormick returned to NotesIn9 with a great new show, Alternative Frontend Development for XPages (NotesIn9 180) : 'In this show Eric McCormick returns with a great show talking about how to surface some of your XPages/Domino data to different frontends like AngularJS'.

Finally, there was a very good show by David Leedy, XPages and Java from Start to Finish (NotesIn9 182). "In this show I do an in depth demonstration of an XPages app that's based on Java code. The app lets you you Create, Read, Update, and Delete Project documents, and then add to each project an unlimited number of tasks. ".

A great month with again amazing content.

In October Paul Withers started a great new blog series: From XPages to Web App.
At the moment I write this blog there already have been published five parts of this series. A great blog series that each XPages (or rather Web) Developer should follow.
At this very moment it is also the time of year to nominate the IBM Champions for the coming year. If you are reading this blog post I have one a small request: Say thank you and go to this website and nominate an IBM Champion. They are experts!, They are Leaders! and they deserve it!

And of course there were also the great the IBM Events and Technical Conferences such as IBM Connected 2015, MWLUG and ICON UK. For more information about these events please take a look at my blog posts.
In closing yet a short note about what lies ahead of us. In the coming period, some very interesting technical conferences and IBM events are organized. For these conferences and events you can still register. For an overview of the conferences and events see my blog post: Upcoming Technical Conferences and IBM Events.
Also there are a number of very interesting XPages Webinars scheduled, Move your XPages Applications to the Fast Lane with Howard Greenberg and Ask the XPages Experts with Mike McGarel, Jesse Gallagher, David Leedy and Nathan Freeman. Do not miss them and register for these webinars brought by Teamstudio and T.L.C.C. More info about these webinars: Upcoming XPages Webinars.
Besides the above, there was much, much more. Too much to mention it all in one blog post, but these were my personal highlights of the past year so far. I would like to thank everyone who shared this year content with the community. A big thank you to you all. I have learned a lot from all of your blog posts! Lastly a very special thank you to Mark Roden and David Leedy!

We have a great community that shares amazing content!

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