Thursday, 26 November 2015

Quick Tip: Easy implement Deletion Logging into your Notes Applications

Lately I have been working a lot with LotusScript. For a proper Deletion Logging I was looking for a good LotusScript solution. After a brief search I quickly found a blog post from Paul Withers. In his blog post Paul provides a perfect solution for a solid Deletion Logging based on LotusScript.
Below a basic example of how I have implemented Deletion Logging into one of my databases based on this solution. I also have a working demo database included at the end of this blog post.

At first the following modifications should be included in the Database Script of the database in which the Deletion Logging is added.

The script below should be added to the Querydocument delete method of the Database Script. This script logs the DELETE actions of users (s).

The script below should be added to the Querydocumentundelete method of the Database Script. This script logs the UNDELETE actions of the user (s).

The next step is to add the following Script Libraries to the database, DeletionLog and OpenLogFunctions.

Subsequently a new Form and View should be be added to the database. To be able to 'read' the log data a new form 'DeletionLog' has to be added to the database.

The log data is displayed in a View "Deletion Log".
The part for creating the log message and associated details can be found in the GetDescription Function. Below are some basic examples.

For a complete working setup see the example database.
Thanks to Paul Withers for this perfect solution!

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