Thursday, 10 December 2015

IBM Connect 2016 - Great Application Development Session for XPages And Bluemix!

During IBM Connect 2016 there will be (again) a large number of outstanding development tracks which are more than worth the effort to follow. Within the tracks there will be a variety of key capabilities and topics that will be covered during sessions to show how today’s most effective solutions extend throughout the enterprise. Capabilities include: messaging and collaboration; digital experience; meetings and chat; social collaboration and social content. In addition, to remain competitive, companies need to consider a broad range of related topics and implementations that can involve cloud, mobile, security, analytics, cognitive and commerce.
Consumers are demanding more compelling content, social interaction and information. Application developers who attend sessions in this track will get under the hood and learn how to build solutions that deepen engagement and foster collaboration using technologies for IBM Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Verse and IBM Exceptional Customer and Employee Experience Suite.

Below some of my favorite Application Developement Session that are scheduled for IBM Connect 2016.

1074: Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices
Starting a new XPages project but not sure it’s going to be done right the first time? Do you have an existing application that doesn’t seem to have that “X” Factor? In this session John will demonstrate how XPages developers can apply proven techniques and best practices to take their applications to a game changing level.
Speaker: IBM Champion John Jardin

1094: Move Your XPages Applications to the Fast Lane
Are your XPages applications performing like a Florida senior citizen driving in the left lane at 55 mph? A key to speeding up your XPages applications is knowledge of the JSF lifecycle, partial refresh and partial execution. This session will cover these concepts and then apply them to optimizing an XPages application. Learn how to use tools to measure the performance of your XPages and determine where the bottlenecks are. Several sample applications will be analyzed along with alternative programming choices to improve their performance. Learn how to dramatically increase your XPages performance and make your users happy - you might even get a speeding ticket after this session!
Speaker: Howard Greenberg

1529: IBM Domino App.Next - Broadening Your Horizons with Bluemix
The new XPages runtime and XPages NoSQL playground service on IBM Bluemix enables you to build ultra-modern Domino applications for the cloud in a matter of minutes. This session will walk you through many live examples of the broad range of exciting new development opportunities you now have at your fingertips.. You will learn how different services and technologies can be combined to deliver truly state-of-the-art Domino applications - and why we call this "Domino Apps.Next"! Plus, we'll cover the roadmap for Domino application development for both on cloud and on-premises. This is a must-see session for all Domino developers.
Speakers: Pete Janzen and Martin Donnelly, IBM

1542: Get Hands-On with XPages Apps for Bluemix
You've seen the cool demos of responsive Domino apps running on Bluemix leveraging Watson and integrating other services. Now it's time to go behind the scenes and learn how to do this yourself. This session shows you how to do many of the practical things you need in order to make the most of the Bluemix platform. How to add a service, scale an application, connect to an LDAP directory, leverage REST services, connect to on-premises Domino server ... the list goes on! Could be the most you'll learn in one hour at Connect 2016!
Speaker: Padraic Edwards, IBM

1548: Building Responsive Applications Using XPages
Bootstrap was integrated into the XPages Extension Library in 2014 and has continued to rapidly evolve ever since. This responsive design capability empowers you to build the slickest Domino web applications ever - where the user experience dynamically adapts for the desktop, tablet or smaller mobile devices. Come to this session and learn how to quickly and easily transform your old applications into something that will impress your end users (and your boss)!
Speaker: Brian Gleeson, IBM

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