Monday, 14 December 2015

Modernize and Develop XPages Applications with New Development Techniques and Tools

Great 'new' development products, tools and techniques continue to further develop and evolve within the Notes and Domino XPages world. Some are free to use for others has to be paid. ClevaDesk is one of these 'new' products which continues to evolve. Some time ago I came into contact with Constantine Voloskov from ClevaDesk. He showed me some amazing demonstrations regarding building web-interfaces for Notes Domino applications. They have a new video, Designer InterfaceIn this video they show the interface of ClevaDesk Designer, 'To create new applications, you do not need any knowledge of programming. – it’s achieved by using drag and drop in your web browser'.
If you find it interesting please feel free to contact Constantine Voloskov (ClevaDesk). Perhaps this can provide a good solution for some Notes Domino users.

What is ClevaDesk
Now your IBM Notes applications can look good and work quickly on any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone.
Business applications that are built on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino allow the company to operate efficiently and help the business to grow. Increasingly, users of Lotus Notes/Domino face technical limitations and cannot find the solution.
ClevaDesk is the first platform in the World that can solve this problem and give IBM Lotus Notes Domino applications a new life.
  • Fast creation of interfaces to existing Lotus Notes applications
  • Rapid design of new web and mobile interfaces
  • Individual styling of any interface element
  • Flexible multi-level fields validation
  • Ability to run any document in any workflow
  • Integration with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps
  • Charting

In case you missed it, here is also the video  Start of modernize an existing Notes Application. In this video a web interface is being built for "names.nsf" with fake users. In this example the database "fakenames.nsf" with more than 40,000 documents is being used. The web interface is created via the web browser in just a few minutes.

See also Assisted Migration Of Existing Domino Applications - Successfully Move Your Notes Application To The Browser (Aveedo).

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