Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Notes Domino - XPages - IBM XPages for Bluemix Top 10 of 2015

At the end of the year, I always like to look back on the past year. In particular, the things which I've learned the most of. Below is my Notes Domino - XPages - IBM XPages on Bluemix top 10 of last year. It was an amazing year!

01. Webinar Using jQuery DataTables in IBM XPages
By Oliver Busse
This is an addition to the TLCC & Teamstudio webinar from March 17.
For a current project I looked for a way to extend HTML tables to display a fixed header row, a static height and a way to scroll through the data. I also wanted the first column to be fixed, too. After some researches I found the great jQuery plugin called DataTables. The fixed header row is a default feature, the fixed column can be added as an extension very easily.
For more information : Using DataTables with XPages

02. Webinar Transformations: Smart Application Migration to XPages
By Oliver Busse
Migrating legacy applications with XPages without using any third party tools can be hard. Your code that was built and maintained over the years should be reused and ported to a current XPages environment. Oliver Busse will show you how to benefit from the possibilities of using Java in XPages to reproduce the functionality you already have and extend it to the next level.
For more information: My slides & demo app from today's webinar of TLCC & Teamstudio

03. NotesIn9 173: Getting Started with Servlets
This is one of those shows that I think is really important. Today we welcome Eric McCormick, a new contributor and IBM Champion, to the show.  Eric did a geat demo showing us how to get started using Java to make Servlets inside our XPages Applications.  This opens a lot of doors to expose your data to applications outside of the Domino server.

04. NotesIn9 182 - XPages and Java from Start to Finish by David Leedy
"In this show I do an in depth demonstration of an XPages app that's based on Java code. The app lets you you Create, Read, Update, and Delete Project documents, and then add to each project an unlimited number of tasks". 

05. Webinar: "Utilizing the OpenNTF Domino API" by Oliver Busse.
Today I did a webincar with our partner in crime NotesCode, i.e. Scott Sullivan. Scott's delivering high class webinars and promotion to your target audience. It's a great service that is very much appreciated - thank you Scott! My topic was the OpenNTF Domino API. Like in the session I did in November this year in Prague at the great SUTOL conference I showed the various and broad possibilities of the mighty wrapper API. 

06. Webinar Using Cool New Frameworks in (Mobile) Domino Apps! by Theo Heselmans
Did you know there's an abundance of cool CSS and JS frameworks out there? Have you ever wanted to find out how you can use them in your own (mobile) Domino apps? Theo will show real world applications from his customers using some of these powerful frameworks inside Domino. Explore with us on how they integrated Bootstrap, Ratchet.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery.js and more! You'll walk away from this session excited, and full of ideas you can start to implement as soon as you get home. Let's show the world how innovative, flexible, and on-the-edge Domino development still is! 

07. Webinar Move Your XPages Applications to the Fast Lane by Howard Greenberg
Are your XPages applications performing like a Florida senior citizen driving in the left lane at 55 mph? A key to speeding up your XPages applications is knowledge of the JSF lifecycle, partial refresh and part execution. In this webinar Howard Greenberg will cover these concepts and then apply them to optimizing an XPages application.
Learn how to dramatically increase your XPages performance and make your users happy - you might even get a speeding ticket after this webinar!

08. NotesIn9 184: XPages and Bluemix Part 1 by Oliver Busse
I recently made some videos about how to get started on IBM Bluemix using an existing XPages application. The focus was to show how to migrate your application to the SaaS platform IBM delivers with Bluemix and what caveats you have to overcome.

09. NotesIn9 185: XPages and IBM Bluemix Part 2 by Oliver Busse

10. NotesIn9 186: XPages and IBM Bluemix Part 3 by Oliver Busse

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