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IBM Connect 2016 - Session Slides Application Development

Below is an overview of the Application Development Session Slides from IBM Connenct 2016 as far as they are available at the moment. These will also be added to the previous blog post 'IBM Connect 2016 - Overview of the session slides, blog posts and videos'.

[AD1067] Preparing Your Application Environment for the Future. Here is What You Need to Know
Kara Bermingham, Teamstudio - Tim Clark, Teamstudio
It’s no surprise technology changes by the second, but what does that mean for the technologies you manage? Do you need to make changes to your Notes application environment? Whether you’re preparing your business for an upgrade, migration, modernization or otherwise, you need to know your environment well enough to make sure you know where to start and how make it through successfully. Attend this session to get info about unique designs, application usage stats, and design complexity, all of which will help you build your strategy for the changes you’re planning to make.
Link: Slides AD1067

[AD1070] GIT 'er done. Real World Experience with SCM in Domino Designer
Henry Newberry, HealthSpace Informatics, Ltd
With Eclipse and XPages the Domino development tools are greatly improved over what we had in the forms and views days. But with XPages developing in a shared database on shared servers can cause significant performance and logistical problems. You need to learn and use Source Control Management (SCM) with your XPages applications. Whether you develop individually or as a team, SCM can manage the code for you. In this session we will walk through the setup and usage of a Domino SCM sytem using SourceTree and BitBucket. We will explore the basics of the GIT processes that support branching, merging and conflict resolution.
Link: Slides AD1070

[AD1074] Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices
John Jardin, Ukuvuma Solutions
Starting a new XPages project but not sure it’s going to be done right the first time? Do you have an existing application that doesn’t seem to have that “X” Factor? In this session John will demonstrate how XPages developers can apply proven techniques and best practices to take their applications to a game changing level.
Link: Slides AD1074

[AD1094] Move Your XPages Applications to the Fast Lane
Howard Greenberg, TLCC
Are your XPages applications performing like a Florida senior citizen driving in the left lane at 55 mph? A key to speeding up your XPages applications is knowledge of the JSF lifecycle, partial refresh and partial execution. This session will cover these concepts and then apply them to optimizing an XPages application. Learn how to use tools to measure the performance of your XPages and determine where the bottlenecks are. Several sample applications will be analyzed along with alternative programming choices to improve their performance. Learn how to dramatically increase your XPages performance and make your users happy - you might even get a speeding ticket after this session!
Link: Slides AD1094

[AD1100] Break Out of the Box - Integrate Existing Domino Data with Modern Websites
Karl-Henry Martinsson, Deep South Insurance
Your company has decided to to move some of your applications from the Notes client to the browser and, in the process, make them look more modern. But you don't have the luxury of spending time learning XPages, this needs to be done right away. In this session you will find out how to keep your data in a Domino environment and create an attractive and modern web front-end with industry standards to read, write, and update the Domino data using Ajax, JSON/JSONP and other technologies. You will also walk away with a sample database full of code that you can use back home.
Link: Slides AD1100

[AD1172] Shipping Domino: How to Put Domino in a Container and Live Happy + Book of Recipes
Matteo Bisi, Factor-y srl - Daniele Vistalli, Factor-y Srl
Domino is one of the most flexible and secure application platform around. Administrators have learned how easy it is to deploy and maintain it. Now it's time for the next step. Come and see how Domino plays inside Docker, a "container" technology, that can make installing, managing and updating domino servers a breeze. Learn how to setup a functional dev, test or production server in minutes and how to plan and manage updates in a containerized environment. Discover how you can build a Domino cloud in minutes and deliver application services in an optimized environment, or learn how to automate your integration testing for new and old applications using Jenkins and Docker together.
Link: Slides AD1172

[AD1207] The Grid, the Brad, and The Ugly: Using Grids to Improve Your Applications
Brad Balassaitis, PSC Group
Do you want better features, better performance, and a better UI in your XPages applications? Then display your data in grids instead of built-in controls. In this session, Paul and Brad will demonstrate why grids are a significant improvement in general and cover why one size does not fit all. They will review the features of commonly-used JavaScript grid frameworks (including Dojo, jQuery, Kendo UI, and Sencha) in order to help you determine which is the best fit for your applications.
Link: Slides AD1207

[AD1238] REST Services in Domino - Key to Modern Web Applications
Bernd Hort, assono GmbH
Any modern Web Application, whether it is implemented in IBM BlueMix or using AngularJS, uses REST services. REST became the de facto standard for interaction between systems. With the integration of XPages in Domino, there are a lot ways to provide REST services. It is time to take a closer look how we can provide REST services in Domino. After laying the groundwork with a short introduction to REST, we will discuss how to use the IBM Domino Access Services. Another way to utilize the REST Services which come with the Extension Library are Custom Rest Services. Next we will introduce JAX-RS and show how to implement a custom written REST Service in Java.
Link: Slides AD1238

[AD1279] "Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally": Troubleshooting XPages
Paul Withers, Intec Systems Ltd
When XPages code doesn't work as expected, it's often because the expectation was wrong. With the various phases of the XPages lifecycle, validation, the various event handler settings, embedding Server-Side JavaScript within Client-Side JavaScript or scoped variables, understanding what's really there when your code wants it is key to troubleshooting XPages. This session will help you think fourth dimensionally to better pre-empt the outcomes and troubleshoot when things don't work out as expected. You'll realise whether or not the bridge over Clayton...Shonash Ravine will be there to ensure your XPages make it Back to the Future.
Link: Slides AD1279

[AD1312] My Domino Applications are Moving to SoftLayer; Now What?
Matt Holthe, IBM - Sreehari HARIDEVARA, IBM
The decision has been made to move the Domino applications you support to the cloud on SoftLayer. What does that mean for your applications? How can you make them cluster aware? What about integration with other applications, or other back end systems? How will you manage user authentication? In this session we'll cover what you need to know and do so the move of your applications to the cloud will be as smooth as possible.
Link: Slides AD1312

[AD1380] A Beard, An App, A Blender: One Developer's Take on Building Apps with Domino/XPages
Eric McCormick, The Boldt Company
Building applications with Domino/XPages opens a number of doors. Choosing the right path is what becomes hard. This is a session is one developer's take on the way applications can be structured to get the best of the Domino/XPages platform in addition to all the modern, front-end tooling that the rest of the industry is using to great advantage. This session will cover an approach to app dev via application segregation mechanics, providing the data via HttpServlets to provide a RESTful JSON API, a UI-layer that automates the majority of concerns via a JS MV* framework. Front-end tooling via Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower can aid in our development and testing. Additionally, other techniques will be covered.
Link: Slides AD1380

[AD1387] Outside The Box: Integrating with Non-Domino Apps Using XPages and Java
Julian Robichaux, panagenda - Kathy Brown, PSC Group LLC
Users don’t care where their data lives. They just want to get their work done quickly and efficiently. They would prefer to do their work without opening three different applications and five different browser tabs. That means your applications need to share data and work well with other applications. So what can you do? Use XPages and Java, of course! Kathy and Julian will give you integration tips and examples of connecting your XPages apps to both IBM and non-IBM technologies. Walk away with a head full of knowledge and a sample database full of working code. NOTE: this session is geared towards XPages and Java developers, beginners welcome!
Link: Slides AD1387

[AD1542] Get Hands On With Bluemix
Martin Donnelly - Brian Gleeson

[AD1545] Extending the XPages Extension Library
Padraic Edwards, IBM - Brian Gleeson, IBM
The XPages Extension Library is the most successful project ever released on OpenNTF.org with over 65000 downloads to date. It is the supply line of XPages innovation and an essential update source to keep your app dev technology on the cutting edge. Are you one of the thousands who have consumed this great resource? Is it time you became a contributor? This session will show you, step by step, how to contribute to the XPages Extension Library and how it is so very easy once you know how! Come learn how to fix that defect that has bugged you, or get your favourite feature into the product - what could be more rewarding?
Link: Slides AD1545

[AD1548] Building Responsive Applications Using XPages
Brian Gleeson, IBM
Bootstrap was integrated into the XPages Extension Library in 2014 and has continued to rapidly evolve ever since. This responsive design capability empowers you to build the slickest Domino web applications ever - where the user experience dynamically adapts for the desktop, tablet or smaller mobile devices. Come to this session and learn how to quickly and easily transform your old applications into something that will impress your end users (and your boss)!
Link: Slides AD1548

[AD1617] Relational XPages!! Using XPages as the Presentation Layer for RDBMS Data
Paul Calhoun, NetNotes Solutions Unlmited, Inc
As great as the no-SQL .NSF container is, relational data is part of all corporations' repositories. Being able to access that relational data from XPages provides the ability to incorporate a presentation layer to the data. This session will demonstrate real world implementations of using both the capabilities of the latest JDBC components of the Extension Library and native JDBC code to implement a full CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) model. Examples of setting up and configuring your design and deployment environment as well as all the code to implement the solution will be provided. See how to “mix” Domino data side by side with relational data on the same table and record layout while maintaining both.
Link: Slides AD1617

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