Sunday, 7 February 2016

Upcoming Technical Conferences and IBM Events

In the coming period, some very interesting technical conferences and IBM events are organized. For these conferences and events you can still register. Below an overview of these conferences and events with a reference to the official websites.

Plan to attend the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, hosted by Marc Dupaquier, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners. Enroll early when registration opens in October and save with the Early Bird rate!
Join us and learn how to grow and transform your business in today's highest value opportunity areas – Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Commerce, Security, Watson, the Internet of Things and more. Explore new ways to work and new ways to succeed.
Take your collaboration with IBM to new levels while inspiring greater growth.
Hear from IBM's senior leadership team, and discover all of the new ways that IBM can power your success. Connect with peers in the IBM Business Partner community – learn, discuss and team, and meet with IBM executives who can help influence opportunity. Experience IBM technologies in areas where clients need solutions most.

Official Website: IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference

Get the most out of your existing investments with hands-on training in cloud and mobile solutions built for security, powered by cognitive, and equipped with advanced analytics. Start by designing and building a truly cognitive, customer-driven digital enterprise. Outthink any limits and transform your business at InterConnect 2016.
Through more than 2,000 targeted sessions led by industry leaders and IBM experts, InterConnect will help you reach your goals.
From technical and business content to deep-dive technical sessions, the InterConnect curriculum is designed to help you quickly and easily realize the full value of your investment. Join us for insightful breakout sessions, hands-on labs, workshops, networking opportunities, and more.

Official Website: InterConnect 2016

ICS.UG Conference 2016 - Collaboration for the next generation
March 10, 2016 -  IBM Conference Center, Hamburg, Germany
Under the banner "Collaboration for the next generation", we present you in an exciting days over 20 lectures in the fields of business, strategy, administration and development. You can expect a top-class program:
- Latest News from the IBM Connect 2016
- Roadmaps to the IBM Collaboration Solutions
- IBM Verse
- XPages - Best Practice
- IBM Connections (cloud)
- IBM Domino & IBM Bluemix

At the conference, we deal with the following questions:
When will IBM verses for the local operation?
What are the 3 most common mistakes when migrating from IBM Notes applications?
What exactly is Bluemix and how can it help me?
Is collaboration from the cloud for our company an alternative?

Official Website: ICS UG Conference 2016

INFORM 2016 (Sydney Australia, Thursday 10th & Friday 11th March) is Australia's premier IBM Collaboration Solutions technology event, bringing together delegates from across Australia. INFORM's aim is to provide attendees with focused access to the best local and international IBM industry experts, covering the latest advances in the IBM Collaboration Solutions suite of products. This is the event to attend if you want to stay current with Social Business, Mobile and Cloud as a developer, administrator, or decision maker.

Official Website: Inform 2016

Announcing our next major event: Wed-Thu, March 23-24, 2016 - Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
It's only the last 10 years or so, starting with UKLUG, ILUG and NLLUG that users (and we use this in a broad sense, as developers and administrators are users as well) started to organize themselves, and meet IRL (in real life).
In 2009, the first BeLux (Belgium/Luxembourg) initiative for a Lotus User group was launched, and the very first event, in March 2009 was a big success. We wanted to use this momentum to keep the BLUG going, and decided to create a real organization, with a real structure, and a team of passionate people behind it. As of mid February 2010 BLUG was officially a non-profit organization (vzw/asbl).
Our official purpose:
"Improve the interaction between users of IBM Collaboration Solution Software, and the dialog between users and vendors/partners of IBM.
The User Group will meet regularly, to discuss topics in order to educate the attending members. Via mailing and a website these users will be kept up to date."

Official Website: Engage 2016

Das EntwicklerCamp 2016
Wer ist dabei? Wer kann vom EntwicklerCamp profitieren?
Lotus Notes-Spezialisten und Interessierte, die in ihrem Arbeitsfeld mit innovativen Technologien und praktischem Fachwissen die eigene Produktivität steigern und optimieren wollen – und die darüber hinaus wissen wollen, wohin die Entwicklung geht.
Das EntwicklerCamp 2016 ist die Top-Veranstaltung für:
Domino-Entwickler, die den Anschluss an moderne Techniken halten wollen.
Webentwickler, die von der Software überzeugt sind und mehr wissen wollen.
Entwickler und Professionals für Lotus Domino und Notes-Applikationen.
Mitarbeiter von IBM-Business-Partnern, die zur besseren Kundenbetreuung mehr über die Möglichkeiten von Domino/Notes und Partnerprodukte erfahren möchten.
Lotus Notes / Domino-Administratoren mit erweiterter Verantwortlichkeit im Entwicklungs- und Troubleshooting-Bereich.
IT-Verantwortliche, die an neuen Techniken interessiert sind und die grundsätzlichen Möglichkeiten von Lotus Notes / Domino kennen lernen möchten.

Erleben Sie gemeinsam mit vielen Fachleuten drei spannende und absolut werbefreie Konferenztage rund um die Entwicklung von Lotus Notes und Domino.

Official Website: Das EntwicklerCamp 2016


  1. Inform in Australia too

  2. One more worth mentioning is EntwicklerCamp in Gelsenkirchen, Germany April 11-13th. Focused primarily on Notes/Domino including XPages, but touching on many modern technologies integrated with Notes/Domino, this is an excellent technical conference for the Notes/Domino developer and for those looking beyond as well.