Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Upcoming XPages Webinar - Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices

On March 15th a very interesting webinar will be organized by TLCC and Team Studio, Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices. The registration for this webinar is available on the T.L.C.C website.

Starting a new XPages project but not sure it’s going to be done right the first time? Do you have an existing application that doesn’t seem to have that “X” Factor? In this webinar John Jardin will demonstrate how XPages developers can apply proven techniques and best practices to take their applications to a game changing level.

You will learn:
  • Rapidly develop responsive applications
  • Improve user experience and response times with background and multi threaded operations
  • Keep your XPages lightweight with code injection
  • Create scheduled tasks the XPages way
and much more...

Slides IBM Connect 2016

Link: Slides IBM Connect 2016

For more information: XPages Webinar Series with TLCC andTeamstudio

Missed a Webinar? Look here for the recorded webinars.
Below a recording of the webinar from February 16th , Building Responsive Applications Using XPages.

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