Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part X - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (2)

In the previous blog post I described the basic structure of the environment needed to install Bootstrap Plugins in an XPages application using Bower. Bower requires node, NPM (Node Package Manager) and Git. In this blog post I will describe the next step, set up the Source Control in DDE for XPages application

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1. Create new XPages Application
First create a new XPages Application in the DDE (File - Application - New).

2. Create Local Folders
On your system create a local Folder SourceControl. This will be the local repository. The folder can be created, for example, in the My Documents directory. Next create in the SourceControl folder a new folder Git and a new folder Hg. Open the Git Folder and create a new folder BowerForXPages.

3. Domino Designer - ODP
Next step is to setup the BowerForXPages application for Source Control in the Domino Designer. Open the DDE and select Team Developement - Set Up Source Control for this Application.

The screen below appears.

Select Next. Enter a Project name. Deselect the option 'Use default location' and enter the folder location (the Folder created in step 2).

Select Finish.

In the next blog post the final steps will be described, setting up SourceTree and the installation of the Bootstrap plugins using Node and Bower.


  1. A good series. I recommend you put your ODP into a subdirectory of the Git project folder, so you don't sync your .git directory with your NSF. This holds true for .hg with Mercurial.

    1. Thanks for your commit Eric. You are absolutely right!