Thursday, 12 May 2016

IBM Domino and IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP6 available for download on IBM Fix Central

Today IBM has released IBM Domino and IBM Notes FP6 on Fixcentral.
IBM has identified important Notes/Domino SPRs to be fixed in the latest Fix Pack release, 9.0.1 Fix Pack 6. This notice serves as the Preliminary Fix List. All fixes in this Fix Pack have been selected through our Triage process of high impacting customer requested bug fixes and are currently undergoing testing.
Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 6 addresses defects in the Client, Server, Notes Browser Plug-in and Domino OpenSocial component. All Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 9.0.1.

9.0.1 Fix Pack 6 Preliminary Fix List descriptions:

  • DSCK9TUNDR (LO87200) - Fixes Notes Windows Client issue: No more handles java/lang/OutOfMemoryError when in High Res mode. This is a regression in FP4.
  • JFCG9J3USJ (LO79962) - Fixes Notes crash when a delivery failure notice is resent.
  • MBLTA4SEFK (LO79586) - Installing 9.0.1 FP5 Notes 9.0.1 Standard Client on top of another 9.0.1 FP/ or 9.0.1 FP4IF2, fails. This is a regression in 9.0.1 FP5.
  • RHOE9LUCJ7 (LO81184) - Fixes issue where the wait cursor is continually displayed when Notes is started.
  • WHAM7ESERK (LO29769) - Fixes issue where temporary attachment files from the system temp directory were not deleted when Notes was closed/restarted.  Additionally, an optional new Notes INI variable to delete files from the Notes temporary attachments directory upon Notes close/restart: AttachmentsDirectoryDelete=1 has been provided.
  • YSAI9HDEFK (LO87259) - Fixes issue that prevented the Notes Client printing to a Xerox printer.
  • GMAA9BGEGS (LO77014) - Fixes Notes Client installation failure with error: "XPD: 09.09.2013 12:40:26 CActionsCommon/GetProperty: DEBUG - Retrieved property: RCP_INVALID_EXTERNAL_JVM_ERROR, Value: External VM is not valid - it must be a 1.5 or 1.6 Sun or IBM VM."
  • JKEY9ZKJYR (LO86136) - Creating a new calendar entry on Windows 10 Norwegian locale leads to blank start date/end date.
  • WBJT9YVM48 (LO85846) - Fixes MIME messages with character encoding CP936 displaying as garbage on the Notes Client.
  • HYYH9DF5GR (LO77900) - Fixes situation where emails in trash are not removed even if "Permanently delete documents after X(within 24) hours" is set.
  • PACY9CGLQ3 (LO77454) - If the Client ID files has a newer name and the ID vault has the older name, after a sync, the Client ID file is reverted to use the older name and the user loses access.
  • MKIN9WMUYH (LO85291) - This fix allows a user to add a custom response header in the web server. by setting notes.ini: "HTTPAdditionallRespHeader"
  • MKIN9WHT2N (LO84986) - Fixed an issue where an uncaught throw in URLstream::WriteChar crashes the web server.
  • DADS9Q3JW5 (LO82428) - Fixes Domino Server crash while converting MIME messages on HTTable::GetTableTextSize.
  • KHRL9AKSPM (LO76633) -  Fixes Domino Server crash when the Dir$ function is used against a drive that is not mapped. This is a regression in 9.0.
  • MKINA3SPYN (LO86887) - Fixes an intermittent Domino Server crash in crypto code when VerifyMAC() is passed a bogus length.
  • SHJR9HDJC7 (LO79624) - Fixes and intermittent Domino Server crash when decrypting SMIME due to an access violation in memory below SM_WriteToAsnBuf.
  • THIO9NKEX7 (LO81776) - Fixes issue where duplicated Microsoft Office file attachments are incorrectly created if the file is edited on IE with ActiveX file attachment utility.
  • MLEY9LKEFQ (LO81065) - iNotes 'More' menu items are blanked in Internet Explorer with ActiveX attachment. This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1.
  • YGAO9VNL8U (LO84666) - Notes Web:  Fixed an issue where some right-click menus displayed slowly using IE.
More informtion: IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 6 


  1. So far my experience with SP6 (for the Notes Client) seems to be that it runs until it says;

    Please Wait while the InstallShield Wizard installs updates. This make take several minutes.

    Then it never comes back.

  2. OMG... I spoke too soon. It literally hangs for 10 minutes doing nothing and THEN starts installing. Wow... never seen an install do that before.