Monday, 20 June 2016

Notes Domino XPages Communities and XPages Top Resources

As you may know, I am Moderator of the Google+ XPages Community (and Curator of Collaboration Today). Together with the owner Rob Bontekoe, my old XPages teacher, the Google+ XPages community was founded some years ago.
The aim of this community is to promote XPages as a development tool and sharing information about XPages, Notes Domino and IBM XPages for Bluemix.

At this time, the community has 506 members and is still expanding!
If you are not yet a member of this community and want to be kept informed of the latest news and if you want to share news about Notes Domino and XPages then join the Google+ XPages Community now.
The more members the more news and the more it is shared within our amazing community.

Link to the Google+ XPages Community : XPages Community

There are a lot of great Notes Domino and XPages resources available. Below my favorite resources, news aggregators and blogs.

1. NotesIn9 - David Leedy
This site mostly focused on Web development by primarily using XPages technology from IBM Domino Servers but you never know when other technology might show up.

2. Collaboration Today
Collaboration Today is a news aggregator for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals covering news about various IBM products like IBM Connections, IBM Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal etc. and cross product topics like mobile, cloud and analytics.

3. Planet Lotus
Planet Lotus is an aggregation of Lotus related blogs and news. It acquaints those interested in the Lotus Blogosphere with the best blogs out there. 278 Lotus blogs updated hourly.

Get started with XPages, Downloads, Demos, Resources and Videos.
XPages is a web and mobile application development platform. It allows IBM Lotus Notes data as well as data from relational and other data sources to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms.
The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript, and JavaServer Faces. XPages leverages IBM Lotus Domino functionality, like its NoSQL document-oriented database.

5. Stackoverflow
A great resources for questions and answers about XPages. Just search for XPages or for a specific part of XPages. Stackoverflow is a language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers.

6. Notes Domino XPages development forum

7. OpenNTF
OpenNTF was launched in 2002 by committed members of the Lotus Notes/Domino community. The organization provided a hosting site for sharing applications and useful code for the Notes and Domino platform. Projects have included full blown client and web applications, rich client plugins, administrative tools and more. Over the years the scope of OpenNTF has expanded, to include IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Forms, IBM Websphere Portal and beyond. In 2015 we anticipate including content for the IBM Bluemix platform.

My favorite and highly recommended blogs:

Oliver Busse
Xcellerant - Brad Balassaitis
Xomino - Mark Roden
XPageDeveloper - Fredrik Norling
Notes Speak - Steve Zavocki
LinQed - Mark Leusink
Intec Blog - Paul Withers

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