Thursday, 2 June 2016

XPages Extension Library Release 17 Available For Download

This release is the seventeenth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. It contains updates to the Bluemix tooling to support new environmental variables. It also contains a number of community developer contributions. Be aware of technote SWG21696682 as it affects the installation of the Extension Library if the UpdateSite.nsf process is used.

The following new changes have been added to this release:
  • New Bluemix environmental variables (security and debug related)
  • New Dash Node property – displayNodeAsLink
  • New Blank Bootstrap3 theme
  • SPR Fixes
  • Change Log Update

New Bluemix environmental variables (security and debug related)
In this release of the Extension Library, new Bluemix environment variables are available to control some security and debug aspects your Bluemix XPages application. To control these new environment variables, new options have been added to the Environment Variables page of the Bluemix Manifest editor in Domino Designer.
  • Redirect to SSL (APP_REDIRECT_TO_SSL)
  • Debug staging (APP_DEBUG_STAGING)
  • Debug threads (APP_DEBUG_THREADS)
  • Debug directory assistance (APP_DEBUG_DIRECTORY_ASSISTANCE)
  • Debug name lookup (APP_DEBUG_NAMELOOKUP)

New Dash Node property – displayNodeAsLink
The Dashboard control makes use of the dashNode complex type to populate the dashboard. Dash nodes have a labelHref property that can be applied, which turns the dash node label into a link for the supplied URL.
The new displayNodeAsLink property allows for the entire node to be wrapped in a link, instead of just the label. This includes any icon or image used for that dash node. All this makes the dash node link easier to click on smaller mobile devices. The default value of displayNodeAsLink is false, matching the old behaviour.

New Blank Bootstrap3 theme
A new theme has been added to the Bootstrap plugin in this release of the Extension Library called Bootstrap3_blank.theme.
The new “blank” theme provides all of the necessary definitions for an XPages Bootstrap theme except for the Bootstrap CSS and Javascript files. This means that application developers can easily insert their own custom Bootstrap build by extending the blank theme.
Unlike the two existing themes, Bootstrap3.theme and Bootstrap3_flat.theme, this new theme is not visible in the theme dropdown list in Domino Designer. The reason for this is that this theme is considered to be a theme for advanced use cases and is unlikely to be one that is used commonly by XPages application developers. Also, by itself, this theme will not work out of the box since it is missing the Bootstrap resources and requires some extra steps to use it properly.

Update of the Bluemix Tooling to support TLSv1.2
The Bluemix Tooling has been updated to support TLSv1.2.

For more information see the ReadMe file.
The XPages Extension Library Release 17 can be downloaded from OpenNTF.

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