Friday, 23 September 2016

Installing IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) - Presentation and Video

IBM Client Application Access (formerly known as IBM Notes Browser Plug-in) offers a lightweight solution for accessing your IBM Notes and IBM Domino applications. It also integrates seamlessly with IBM Verse and IBM SmartCloud Notes web for mail. This session will provide an overview of ICAA along with details for installation and configuration.

The video below will guide you through the installation of ICAA on the Windows, Citrix and Mac operating systems, including the directories created as well as additional steps that you may need to complete the installation.

More information on the Open Mic Webcast, including the presentation, full audio and video, can be found at the Webcast document for the event: IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) - 14 September 2016 [presentation, video + audio attached].
See also my previous blog post IBM Client Application Access 1.0.1 (ICAA) Enhancements for more information about the ICAA Client.

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