Saturday, 17 September 2016

Seascape for IBM Notes - Application Archiving for IBM Notes and Domino

At present I am examining different possibilities to carry out a large-scale archiving of several Notes database and archiving some large amounts of inactive data in connection with application modernization. The manner in which this archiving will eventually be implemented is still a point of discussion at this time.
For Application Archiving and archiving inactive data there are basically four main options available as well described in the blog post by Swing Software, VHS tapes and NSF Files - Notes / Domino Application Archiving.

But first the main question, why is Archiving important? There are five main reasons for Archiving in general, system performance, costs, risks, data retention and data migration / application modernization. Detailed information can be found in the blog post Active vs. Inactive Data.

For archiving two essential points are decisive for me, the Notes documents / data need to be kept alive long after the original application has been retired and it also must be possible to use / access the archived documents without any need for a specific architecture or platform (so also IBM Notes independent).
Today I saw this Tweet on Twitter regarding Application Archiving for IBM Notes and Domino by Swing Software.

Reading the Swing Software website regarding Seascape for IBM Notes it seems that with Seascape you no longer need to run IBM Notes or Domino to access Application Views and Documents. You can just use IBM Notes Data without IBM  Notes. The only thing needed is a web browser with a PDF Viewer. Currently for me a very interesting option for Application Archiving for IBM Notes. More information on the Swing Software website, Application Archiving for IBM Notes and Domino. Seascape for Notes will be available in Fall 2016.
Perhaps also an interesting option for IBM Notes users who want to start with Application Archiving in the near future. If anyone has other suggestions or solutions please let me know.
Note: The databases and documents I refer to in this blog post do not need to be migrated to other platforms but only need to be archived.

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