Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5 Released

As  everyone knows, I am a huge fan of Bootstrap in XPages and I follow the latest developments regarding the Bootstrap 4 Alpha releases closely. Yesterday Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5 has been released just over a month after Alpha 4 with some major feature improvements and a boat load of bug fixes. Below some major improvements from the releases note.

New CSS bundles
We’ve updated our build process to include compiled versions of all our CSS bundles. In addition to the longstanding default compiled and minified bundles, we now include compiled CSS files for our flexbox mode, grid system only, and Reboot only bundles. Each bundle includes a compiled, minified, and Sass map, just like the default compiled CSS.

Grid updates
Our grid system has been updated and is more flexible than ever. New in Alpha 5 are breakpoint specific grid gutters. That’s right, now you can customize the width of your gutters across each and every grid tier by modifying the Sass map.
The .container behaviors have changed slightly in Alpha 5. We now set the width of each container alongside a max-width: 100%; to ensure proper rendering across browsers in both our default and flexbox modes. Similarly, we fixed a bug in our flexbox grid where columns didn’t properly collapse at lower breakpoints.
Lastly, we’ve changed a few breakpoint and container dimensions. The sm tier’s container is now smaller than it’s viewport dimensions and the lg tier has changed from 940px to 960px for grid columns that more cleanly by 12.

Navbar updates
We’ve put a ton of time into the navbar for Alpha 5, but honestly it’s still not done. Rather than hold back the progress we’ve made for it until Alpha 6, we’re including a somewhat half-baked iteration.

More information: Bootstrap Alpha 5 Ship List and the Alpha 5 Announcement.
Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5 can be downloaded on the V4 Alpha Bootstrap website.

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