Wednesday, 26 October 2016

IBM Introduces New Watson Solutions for Professions - IBM Watson Work

In yesterday's press release, IBM announced a new category called IBM Watson Work. There are two new offerings that will be available: IBM Watson Work Services and IBM Watson Workspace. IBM Watson Workspace is currently invite-only. This is what you may heard before as Project Toscana.
Businesses today need to apply cognitive-powered productivity applications and services to digital content, conversations, and workflows to empower their employees with the ability to find, connect and work with the right experts; speed access to relevant content and insights; and provide the time and space to work simply and together.

IBM Watson Workspace learns how an individual works and interacts, and consolidates multiple work conversations from various communications channels into a single space. Using Watson, the technology highlights the most urgent action items, points to the right content needed at the time, and automates everyday tasks so employees can focus on the most vital business tasks.
IBM Watson Work Services are a set of cognitive APIs –Action Identification, Moment Identification and Summarization –developers can access through the offering’s website so they can infuse cognitive capabilities into existing work products and applications such as IBM Watson Workspace, existing third party applications and when building new applications. The technology uses natural language classifiers so it can analyze and facilitate the necessary action. For example, if someone says: "Great point –let's schedule a meeting to discuss further," the system can identify 'schedule a meeting' as an action, and help find the best time to continue the conversation.

More information: IBM Announces a New Category: IBM Watson Work and Let's talk Integrations with IBM Watson Workspace (Luis Benitez)

IBM Watson Workspace is currently invite-only. 

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