Monday, 24 October 2016

IBM Notes Domino XPages Community - Extended with a Comprehensive Vision

As  you may know, I am Moderator of the Google+ XPages Community (and currently also Curator of Collaboration Today and Contributor Director OpenNTF). Together with the founder and owner of the Google+ XPages Community, Rob Bontekoe, my old XPages teacher, this community was founded some years ago. The primary goal of the community was and still is to promote XPages as a development tool and sharing information about IBM XPages, IBM Notes Domino and IBM XPages for Bluemix.
Given recent developments we continue to expand our field of vision and we are also going to focus on other technologies such as Angular, Node, Bootstrap, React and Java in addition to what we already do at present.

At this time, the community has 539 members and is still expanding!
If you are not yet a member of this community and want to be kept informed of the latest news and if you want to share news about IBM Notes Domino, IBM XPages, IBM XPages for Bluemix, Angular or other modern web technologies then join the Google+ XPages Community now.
The more members the more news and the more it is shared within our amazing community.

Link to the Google+ XPages Community : XPages Community

Since today The XPages Google+ Community can also be found on Twitter, @XPagesCommunity.

So  follow the Google+ XPages Community on Twitter now for the latest news on IBM XPages, IBM Notes Domino, IBM XPages for Bluemix, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Node, IBM and more!

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