Monday, 3 October 2016

Nominate an IBM Champion - Nominations OPEN!

It’s that time again – time to nominate someone (or yourself) to become an IBM Champion. Nominations open today, October 3, and will remain open through November 14.

Who are IBM Champions?
IBM Champions are not IBMers. Instead, they are customers, business partners, developers, and consultants who are being recognized by IBM both for their knowledge and for extraordinary contributions to our communities. IBM Champions are experts in their fields and share their knowledge as speakers at IBM and user group conferences, as well as via blogs, tweets, forums, articles, videos and more. IBM Champions are active in user groups and meetups, they bring developers, customers, and partners closer together to make the most of IBM technology. IBM recognizes IBM Champions in Analytics, Social Business, Power, and Cloud, including Middleware.

Who should be nominated as an IBM Champion?
Well, here are the detailed criteria (also described below), but maybe what would help are some examples of people who might be IBM Champions: The person in your company who knows everything there is to know about your IBM software or hardware and makes it all work together and is always the one answering everyone’s questions. The person writing articles or books about IBM technology. The person with a blog who investigates and covers IBM technology. The person who runs the local meetup or user group covering IBM technology. The person whose Twitter stream is always sharing what they’re building with IBM technology. The person making YouTube videos about developing with IBM technology. The person who has a couple of sessions every year at IBM and user group conferences and events… Those are all people who might be IBM Champions…

Criteria / Guidelines
The IBM Champion program requires IBM advocacy and influence outside one's own organization or customer engagements.  We also seek individuals that have significant contributions in at least 2-3 areas as defined below.

Significant contributions - a contribution, executed multiple times or for an extended period of time.
  • Examples include: 
  • Blogging regularly
  • Tweeting regularly (on topics relevant to our industry, but not necessarily IBM-specific tweets)
  • Speaking at multiple events in a calendar year
  • User Group Conference Planning Committee member (involves the execution of a conference or a part of the conference over a period of several months)
  • President or Board member of a worldwide or local user group for a period of 1 year
Contribution Areas - participation in at least 2 contribution areas are required; 3 are recommended.
More information about the Criteria / Guidelines: IBM developerWorks - Nominations Open

Nominate an IBM Champion : IBM Champion Program
More information about the IBM Champion Program: IBM developerWorks - Champions

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