Monday, 31 October 2016

The IBM Plan and Future of IBM XPages Revealed

On November 3rd a very interesting webinar will be organized by T.L.C.C and Team Studio, IBM Presents the IBM Notes & Domino Roadmap, by Barry Rosen (IBM Offering Manager) and Uffe Sorensen (IBM Social Collaboration Director, EMEA) and, newly added, the IBM Plan for XPages (Martin Donnelly). The registration for this webinar is available on the T.L.C.C website.

Barry and Uffe will review the latest updates on IBM Notes and Domino as well as IBM Verse On-premises and related Cloud solutions. They will discuss the future directions and support for IBM Notes and Domino and the deliverables over the next 12 to 18 months as IBM transitions to using Feature Packs for delivering future enhancements.
Martin Donnelly will discuss IBM's plans for XPages enhancements.
There will be time for questions and answers at the end of their presentation.

So one of my questions will be answered in this webinar, what will be the future of XPages! Also see my previous blog post, The Future of IBM Notes Domino and XPages Revealed ? with more information about the IBM Notes and IBM Domino Roadmap.

Read here the first blog post in response to the webinar, Modern Domino Alive and Healthy by Slobodan Lohja.
See also the Webinar Replay and Slides on my blog post The Future of IBM Notes - IBM Domino and XPages Presented by IBM.

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  1. what will be the future of XPages? support till 2021?