Friday, 14 October 2016

Webinar XPages and jQuery DataTables - Simplifying View Creation while Maximizing Functionality

On October 11th a very interesting webinar was organized by T.L.C.C and Team Studio, XPages and jQuery DataTables - Simplifying View creation while maximizing functionality by Michael Smith.
For those who missed this webinar below the content, slides and video.

Content Webinar
Do you find adding view data to XPages unnecessarily painful? This webinar will focus on unleashing the power of jQuery DataTables within your XPages and demonstrate how to create a scalable infrastructure that minimizes the need for additional views and design changes to XPage design elements by using REST services and a reusable custom control. We will also dig into the api of DataTables and show you how to take advantage of its rich feature set to enhance the UI of your Views and tables within your XPage applications. With XPages and DataTables, adding View data to your XPages can be simple, fast, powerful, and painless!
Click here for the live demo application.

Missed a Webinar? Look here for the recorded webinars.
Below a recording of the webinar from September 8th , Take a Trip Into the Forest - A Java Primer on Maps, Trees and Collections by IBM Champion Howard Greenberg.

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