Friday, 13 January 2017

Aveedo 4.0 - Migration Of Existing Domino Applications Including Watson - Twitter - Google

I follow the development of Aveedo (We4IT) for a considerable time. In recent months I have dedicated several blog posts on Aveedo, Assisted Migration Of Existing Domino Applications - Successfully Move Your Notes Application To The Browser and Build new XPages Applications and Modernize Existing Notes Databases without any XPages Skills.
Aveedo is constantly evolving and I think Aveedo provides a great solution for multiple organizations to modernize existing IBM Notes Domino applications.
Yesterday I watched the video below relating the new 4.0 release of Aveedo. Amazing stuff!

Aveedo 4.0 has a couple of new powerful features. The live demo below shows how to migrate two Notes applications to aveedo with a couple of clicks, and how easy it is to connect and enhance these applications with aveedo. During the demo we will add a Twitter stream and Google Maps to the app and we will connect IBM Watson's Toneanalyzer to get Watsons view on the content inside the "About Me" text field. This is a realtime live demo with no cuts or edits and yet it still only takes 12 minutes to do all of this with aveedo. Work smarter, not harder!

For more information about Aveedo visit the Aveedo website.

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