Friday, 6 January 2017

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 Released

As  everyone knows, I am a huge fan of Bootstrap in XPages and I follow the latest developments regarding the Bootstrap 4 Alpha releases closely. Today Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 has been released. Below some major improvements from the releases note.

Embracing Flexbox
Bootstrap 4 is now flexbox by default! Flexbox is an immensely powerful layout tool, providing unparalleled flexibility (hah) and control to our grid system and core components. It comes at the cost of dropping IE9 support, but brings significant improvements to component layout, alignment, and sizing.

Responsive utilities and the great infix
With Alpha 6, Bootstrap’s extensive suite of utilities—including classes for display, float, and flexbox, and more— has been made completely responsive. To keep these class names as approachable and representative of their scope as possible, there are two important changes to their naming scheme.

More grid improvements
This time responsive autosizing columns and more container padding options have been added. Add any number of .col-* classes and they’ll automatically be equal in width. Padding for grid containers can now be configured across breakpoints with the new $grid-gutter-widths Sass map. In addition, you can remove gutters from grid rows and their columns with the .no-gutters modifier.

Updated navbar
As mentioned in the last release, the Alpha 5 navbar was a little half baked. This time around, it is completely baked. The navbar has been rewritten to provide better built-in responsive behaviors and improved layout customization thanks to our move to flexbox.

More information: Bootstrap Alpha 6 Ship List and the Alpha 6 Milestone.
Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 can be downloaded on the V4 Alpha Bootstrap website.

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