Friday, 24 February 2017

Modernizing IBM Domino Applications with Sapho

At present, there exist a number of "tools" for modernizing IBM Domino Applications. Through the blog post  'IBM Connect 2017 #3: I’ve Seen The Future of Domino and it is Sapho', I found out that in addition to the existing tools also Sapho is available for the modernization of existing Domino applications.

Sapho’s deep integration with IBM Domino allows IT to build micro apps that interact with Domino databases and business logic. Domino databases contain a treasure trove of enterprise data and Domino agents encompass the business logic that drives numerous critical business functions.
With Sapho’s Domino integration, existing Domino applications can be extended so that an occasional user of an application can use micro apps on any device for functions such as approvals and lookups. Sapho micro app users get an upgraded user experience without IT having to invest in retooling the Domino application. In addition, Sapho’s integration with Domino offers the ability to detect interesting “events” — or system changes — in a Domino database and send push notifications or other alerts to users wherever they are.

Sapho can read and write data directly to Domino NSF (Notes Storage Facility) databases and views. In addition, Sapho’s proprietary ETN (Extract, Transform, prepare to Notify) technology can monitor Domino NSF databases for changes to documents and notify users of those changes on their preferred channel, such as a mobile device or a messenger client, including IBM Watson Workspace. For important information, Sapho can deliver a push notification to users as well.
Sapho micro apps use existing Domino logic when writing to a document and can even call Domino agents in order to invoke existing business logic.

Sapho can be the Future for Modernizing IBM Domino Applications which also means you can keep your data on Domino and also have the ability to run your Domino Applications in the browser or on a mobile device.
For more information: Modernizing IBM Domino with Sapho

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Building Web Interfaces for IBM Notes Domino Applications using ClevaDesk

Great 'new' development products, tools and techniques continue to further develop and evolve within the IBM Notes Domino and XPages world. Some are free to use for others has to be paid. ClevaDesk is one of these amazing products which continues to evolve.
ClevaDesk system expands IBM Notes Domino capabilities and gives it new life. There is no need to think about migrating to other technologies.
Below a video about Clevadesk and what ClevaDesk is in short!
ClevaDesk is a flexible IT-system with a set of business applications, a Designer to build IT-systems without programming and a platform for migration of IBM Notes applications to the web browser.
Forget about Notes Domino limitations – no more limits with ClevaDesk!
Furthermore ClevaDesk offers new opportunities for existing IBM Notes Applications.

- Work with IBM Notes Domino Applications via web browser
- Work with documents on any device
- Reliable mult-level security system
- Create and manage processes of any complexity
- Fast creation of interfaces to existing IBM Notes applications
- Rapid design of new web and mobile interfaces
- Flexible multi-level fields validation
- Individual styling of any interface element
- Integration with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps
- Charting and dynamic reports

In the video below an example how to create an application and connect it to existing NSF database and create a web view and form for the documents.

In my opinion Clevadesk offers a great solution for building web interfaces for IBM Notes Domino Applications that can be very interesting for many users.
For more information, pricing, videos and other capabilities of Clevadesk visit the ClevaDesk website.

IBM Notes Tip: Prevent Pasting of Documents in Notes Views through LotusScript Agents

Last week I was asked to ensure through LotusScript Agents that users no longer have the possibility to paste documents in the Notes Views within a specific Notes Database. As always there are several ways to achieve this. In the following I created two LotusScript Agents which ensure that pasting of documents in all views within the specific Notes database no longer is possible. All pasted documents will be immediately removed by the Agents.

A. Agent Delete Pasted Documents
Option Public
Sub Initialize
Dim s As NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim agent As NotesAgent
Dim coll As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim doc As NotesDocument

Set s = New NotesSession
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set coll = db.UnprocessedDocuments

If coll.Count > 0 Then
Set agent = db.GetAgent("DeletePastedDocumentsRemove")
Set doc = coll.GetFirstDocument
While Not(doc Is Nothing)
Call agent.RunOnServer(doc.NoteID)
Set doc = coll.GetNextDocument(doc)
End If

End Sub

B. Hidden Agent (DeletePastedDocumentsRemove)

Option Public
Sub Initialize
Dim s As NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim agent As NotesAgent
Dim doc As NotesDocument

Set s = New NotesSession
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set agent = s.CurrentAgent
Set doc = db.GetDocumentByID(agent.ParameterDocID )

Call doc.Remove(True)
End Sub

Another option is to use the Querypaste Event. However, this must be set per View
and it is only advisable to use if not in all Views in a specific database the possibility for pasting documents should be disabled.

Sub Querypaste(Source As Notesuiview, Continue As Variant)
Continue = False
End Sub

Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Features in IBM XPages 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8

Recently I blogged about the IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 Preliminary Fix List and New Features.
The Preliminary Fix List is now updated with new features for XPages.

New Features in IBM XPages 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8
Document Encryption/Decryption on the Web
Enables document encryption using secret or public/private keys in XPage applications.

XPages Extension Library upgrade to latest OpenNTF release
Introduces runtime support for RDBMS data sources and a Domino Designer JDBC wizard to simplify the development process.
Adds Bootstrap 3.3.7 support that enables developers to design responsive XPages applications.
Includes various open source contributions from the OpenNTF community.

For more information: IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 Preliminary Release Notice

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

IBM Presents the Notes Domino Application Modernization Plan

On March 7th a very interesting webinar will be organized by T.L.C.C and Team Studio, IBM Presents the Notes/Domino Application Modernization Plan, by Barry Rosen (IBM) and Adam Kesner (IBM). The registration for this webinar is now available on the T.L.C.C website.

Content Webinar
This webinar will focus on IBM's plans for the future of Domino as an application development platform. IBM's Barry Rosen and Adam Kesner will discuss IBM's plans for adding key functionality to Domino as well as ways to allow customers to modernize their applications for use via web and mobile devices. This will be key for anybody who uses Domino as an application development platform and is interested in modernizing their applications.

For more information: XPages Webinar Series with TLCC and Teamstudio.

Missed a Webinar? Look here for the recorded webinars.
Below a recording of the webinar from December 13th, Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally by IBM Champion Paul Withers.