Wednesday, 1 February 2017

IBM Presents the Notes Domino Application Modernization Plan

On March 7th a very interesting webinar will be organized by T.L.C.C and Team Studio, IBM Presents the Notes/Domino Application Modernization Plan, by Barry Rosen (IBM) and Adam Kesner (IBM). The registration for this webinar is now available on the T.L.C.C website.

Content Webinar
This webinar will focus on IBM's plans for the future of Domino as an application development platform. IBM's Barry Rosen and Adam Kesner will discuss IBM's plans for adding key functionality to Domino as well as ways to allow customers to modernize their applications for use via web and mobile devices. This will be key for anybody who uses Domino as an application development platform and is interested in modernizing their applications.

For more information: XPages Webinar Series with TLCC and Teamstudio.

Missed a Webinar? Look here for the recorded webinars.
Below a recording of the webinar from December 13th, Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally by IBM Champion Paul Withers.

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