Monday, 5 June 2017

Domino and XPages Applications You Can Only Dream Of

Great 'new' development products, tools and techniques continue to further develop and evolve within the IBM Notes Domino and XPages world. Some are free to use for others has to be paid. ClevaDesk is one of these amazing products which continues to evolve.
ClevaDesk system expands IBM Notes Domino capabilities and gives it new life. There is no need to think about migrating to other technologies.
ClevaDesk is a flexible IT-system with a set of business applications, a Designer to build IT-systems without programming and a platform for migration of IBM Notes applications to the web browser.
Forget about Notes Domino limitations – no more limits with ClevaDesk!
Furthermore ClevaDesk offers new opportunities for existing IBM Notes Applications.

So, are you seeking a system for rapid development of business applications? Or maybe you looking for tool to modernize your Domino applications?
ClevaDesk provides powerful designer to build applications you can only dream of.
Development of webapplications will takes hours not days.
More than 100 pre built elements and business logic will save your time and of course your money.

You can build beautiful applications with complicated business logic, portals with charts and reports, simple achieves or data storage apps. Integrate them with anything you need. Every element can be customized according your wishes.

The application below was built to analyze the work of departments in the company and effectiveness of each manager. It took only three hours to build and start it!
No changes will be made to the design of IBM Lotus Notes / Domino NSF!
You need only web browser to create applications and work with them. ClevaDesk has no limits, just your imagination.

Visit the ClevaDesk website for more information:

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