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IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 Preliminary Release Notice

Beginning with 9.0.1 FP8, fix packs have been renamed to feature packs. To ensure quality, these feature packs still have a high focus on addressing high impacting defects. Where possible, these features are optionally enabled to minimize risk. The same packaging, architecture and install kits used in previous fix packs remain in use for feature packs.

Notes®/Domino® 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 addresses defects in the Client, Server, and the Domino OpenSocial component. All Feature Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes®/Domino® 9.0.1.

New Features in IBM Domino® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 9
The documentation in Knowledgebase will be updated with these new features to coincide with the ship date of 9.0.1 FP9.

Enhancement Request To Be Able To Increase The Amgr Queue Beyond 100 (SPR #RSTNA4SL7C APARID: LO87242)
The Agent Manager's Eligible queue is now able to change from the lowest value possible at 100, to 255 which is the highest value possible via an INI AMGRMaxQueue.

Databases and views can be opened more quickly in databases that are enabled for transaction logging
It takes less time to open databases and views that are at ODS 52 or higher and enabled for transaction logging. Previously, performance for opening databases or views could be slow in frequently updated databases. This improvement is due to the implementation of less contention with update operations.

Restricting the use of mail rules to forward messages to external domains (SPR #JPAR9NEACX APARID: LO81771)
You can control the extent to which users can use the Send copy to mail rule to automatically forward received messages to external domains that are not recognized by the mail server. This feature does not affect any forwarding rules that are specified in a user's Person document or any other type of mail server
forwarding or re-direction.

Enabling and managing inline view indexing
A view index is an internal filing system that Notes® uses to build the list of documents to display in a database view or folder. By default, view indexes are updated on a server at scheduled intervals. To update a view index immediately after documents change instead, administrators can enable inline view indexing. When you enable inline view indexing, a critical view is always kept up-to-date for your users.

New Features in IBM® Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 9

Delegated mail files are refreshed automatically (SPR #RGAU829D4G APARID: LO48407)
If you have delegate access to another user's mail file, that mail file is refreshed automatically in your Notes® client. To enable this feature, upgrade to the Mail9.ntf template provided with the FP9 Client. No notes.ini setting is required for this feature.

Support for recall of messages created with Memo stationary (SPR #JLEN9C9E3G APARID: LO77349)
When message recall is configured on the server, messages created using Memo stationery can now be recalled. To enable this feature, upgrade to the Mail9.ntf template provided with FP9.

High resolution support for the Notes® Client
The Notes® client on Windows correctly scales text and icons when high resolution monitors or custom DPI settings are used.

Improved name lookup in Notes®
Searching by <last name first name> through typeahead or in the ambiguous name dialog, returns the same results as searching by <first name last name>. For example, searching for don smith or smith don returns the same results, including variants such as Donald, Donovan, Smithfield. To enable this feature, upgrade to the pernames.ntf template provided with 9.0.1 FP9 and add the notes.ini setting AllowWildcardLookup=1 to the Notes® 9.0.1 FP9 client.

Improved support for Notes® addressing with mobile directory catalogs (SPR #SAPLAK8ANL)
The list of names that is shown when using typeahead to search a mobile directory catalog is now sorted according to the directory catalog configuration. Names in local contacts follow this list. In addition, the Search Directory for <characters> option is available at the end of the list to facilitate server lookup. To enable this feature, add the notes.ini setting $TypeAheadShowDircatFirst = 1 to the Notes® 9.0.1 FP9 client.

9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 Preliminary Fix List descriptions

Domino Server
  • SKAIALJE9N (LO92113) - Fixed an IBM Domino server IMAP EXAMINE command stack buffer overflow (CVE-2017-1274) 
  • DWON9PYRHZ(LO82415) - Support the OS Name mapping with Notes Federated Login
  • HJLO6QPA5Y (LO17235) - Fixed an issue where names were corrupted for attachments with DBCS filenames
  • JSMNAD4LHH (LO90028) - Fixed an issue where Calendar invites sent to Gmail are not formatted correctly. The gmail user has no option to accept or decline the meeting invite.
  • AHSU7YRD7D (LO86096) - Fixed an issue with registering users with certain Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters
  • +TPON949L2M (LO73648) - Fixed an issue where encoded phrases may have embedded delimiters after decoding -- e.g., the comma (',') in Ziffle, Fred <> causes an error for Notes. Fix is to unconditionally quote the decoded phrase: "Ziffle, Fred" <>
  • GHAN9TLRHL (LO83964) - Added a Domino Server Console Command Line to list unencrypted databases only, using 'show dir -unenconly'
  • JSHY4P5LGR (LO30803) - Added a Domino Server Console Command Line to list encrypted databases only, using 'show dir -enconly'
  • +KRAU9MXN4N (LO81626) - Fixed a potential Sync Manager crash when Full Text Index is enabled
  • RPAI9Y8G4N (LO88628) - Corrected an excessive logging of mismatched roll over certifier certificates during authentication
  • +RSTNA6HKZY (LO87774) - Fixed an issue where using '-ftindays' with dbmt is not causing the Full Text Index to be rebuilt
  • SWAS96DSGG (LO84996) - Fixed concurrency issues between NIF & NSF on high usage shared databases. To realize this fix, databases must be ODS52 and Transaction logged.
  • SAZR8MKH9Q (LO64631) - Add the ability to control SMTP the visible host name (EHLO param, greeting response, Received headers and Reporting-MTA in DSNs...) by these 2 controlled INI's SMTPDisplayHostName and SMTPDisplayDomainName
  • TOCL9CKHN2 (LO77505) - Enhance error message to have a better DB identification to be included in DbUpdateAllUnreadTables error message "Error on Update All unread tables - 459h: Unable to extend an ID table - insufficient memory"

Notes Client
  • +SODY98YHSS (LO75939) - Fixed Client Crashes Due To Low Memory Conditions in the Domparser.Process() Command
  • +TSAOA9KHCQ (LO88835) - We now ensure that the behavior for the error "Too many recipients. Recipient addresses must total less than 2MB." is now same for encrypted and non encrypted mails
  • CSYL9P8N6V (LO82077) - Fixed an issue where users are unable to import an *.ics file while the Notes Client running
  • DAGL9X6JNU (LO85212) - Fixed a Notes Client crash in Asyncreceivepoll where the session goes away and the session block is freed which causes the crash
  • FBAIALRD3W (LO92166) - Fix an issue where mail attachments are garbled when downloading mail via IMAP where the attachment was compressed by LZ1 format, but was marked as Huffman encoding
  • GTONAGLGBT (LO91138) - Fixed an issue where pasting Cyrillic characters from Microsoft Word into Notes gives garbled characters (INI needs to be set to enable this fix = EnableUnicodeCopyPasteFromWord=1)
  • JABA9U9KWK (LO84063) - Fixed an issue where rescheduling a repeating meeting to Google users takes minutes
  • JCUS975RGX (LO87001) - Allow attachments to be found by searching for their file name
  • +JMEAAL7J7V (LO92034) - Fixed an issue where a local group no longer expands
  • KJEG9QLRHX (LO82689) - Fixed random Notes Client crashes on Citrix
  • AHSU7YRD7D (LO86096) - Fixed an issue with registering users with certain Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters
  • DHUSAJYL62 (LO91713) - Fixed a crash opening a message with a large PNG file
  • YGAO979JLD (LO75110) - Fixed Notes Client crashes on reply when spell check is enabled
  • YGAOAFXNKC (LO90922) - Fixed an issue with MIME mail where the attachment cannot be opened after replying/forwarding
  • JJOEAEGKEX (LO90458) - Fixed a Notes Client crash caused by Notesrichtextnavigator Begininsert in a document that contains Chinese characters
  • RGAUA4SHWE (LO87236) - Fixed a Domino Designer crash when the option "Use Binary Dxl For Source Control Operations" is unchecked
  • JKEY9SLK37 (LO83393) - Added support for federating custom views based on $Calendar view from a Notes application/teamroom calendar. Also fixed the issue where calendar entries were not populated in Entries and Notices view causing them not to sync to Traveler. 

  • FLIIA5FDJQ (LO87504) - Fixed an HTTP crash on Lockhandle where the fullName field was not found during NAMELookup (where a da.nsf points to an LDAP server with no fullName attribute)
  • +JJCMAKV3DT (LO91925) - Fixed an issue where "Starts With" Window is not showing when pressing any letter or number key in a view/folder
  • NNUZAG5A57 (LO91159) - Fixed an issue where the link was not created saving an attachment to Files
  • +TSAOACN68C (LO89880) - Fixed an issue where iNotes users are unable to open an archive if the local archive exceeds 4GB
  • DSAS9WWUXB (LO85135) - iNotes - Fixed a problem where an existing attachment is not removed when trying to remove and attach the same filename on the forwarding/replying message if a Forms85.nsf is used on a 9.0.x server.
  • +MLEYAJ4J3M (LO91444) - Fixed an issue where you are not able to see the "Required" list of invitees when a draft meeting is created in Notes and edited in iNotes

Mail Template (mail9.ntf)
*These SPR's require FP9 Client and Server in addition to the template
  • LMAN8JKJF5 (LO78153) - Fixed an issue where a delegated reader can't open the mailfile when a mail policy has just been applied
  • BPAL9LSDEE - Delegate with editor access is getting an error in preferences with the field "Prohibit access to folders for users with..."
  • JLEN9C9E3G (LO77349) - Added the ability to recall messages that are created from stationary
  • PANNABJLFZ (LO89528) - Fixed an issue where "find a room" displays an empty list for some users when the primary home mail server is not available
  • +SDOY7JXF87 (LO34305) - New notices were not showing up correctly in the New Notices miniview when policy is set to Display unprocessed meeting notices in the New Notices MiniView
  • MBOAADMB6X (LO90180) - Fixed a delivery failure report when using the "Reply To All " for external meeting invitations
  • MJHAAJMFUR (LO91618) - Fixed an issue where emails cannot display the Reply and Forward icons when emails are auto forwarded by a mail rule
  • HPUTA3QEUF (LO87753) - Fixed an iCal issue where comments to Outlook users are overwritten when the same user is removed from 2 instances
  • +*TSAOAAGJ7R (LO89162) - Fixed an issue where the Group Name on the Sendto Field of a Notes mail is removed

Local Mail Address Book Template (pernames.ntf)
  • SAPLAK8ANL - Support for improved namelookup for mobile directory

  • MDOYAKFPE2 - Fixed an XPages issue where dropping an iNotes calendar, the control icons do not display the correct hover help text
  • BRMD9AZLRJ (LO76784) - Fix a Client hang when trying to add data source to an Xpage
  • LHEYAKALAH (LO92632) - Fixed form validation not working on an XPage
  • +LHEYAKBJSQ (LO91943) - Fixed an issue where SSJS editor stops working in an NSF with a managed bean
  • RGAU9UKP8T (LO84209) - Fixed a Domino Designer freeze issue while developing Xpages
  • TSAO8D4JQ9 (LO57700) Fixed an Xpages issue where the value of content-length in the HTTP response headers are incorrect

More info: 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 Preliminary Fix List descriptions

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