Friday, 29 September 2017

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC)

In the IBM world developments are moving rapidly. After the release of IBM Watson Workspace this week IBM previously announced the availability of IBM Domino Application on Cloud (DAC) for October 2017 during the IBM Notes Domino Day 2017 in Tokyo. Today I looked around at what exactly Domino Applications on Cloud is and what the standard service features for application hosting are. Below some general information, some useful links and a video with more some more information about DAC.

Organizations use Cloud in some capacity to augment or streamline their existing operations, data storage, hosting and app deployment. You can now migrate your Domino Applications to the IBM Cloud.
IBM Domino Applications run important processes in your business. The dynamic nature of the business requires continued investment in hardware & infrastructure to run these apps. Further the skills, required to make changes to applications and the environment is both unpredictable and requires continued investment.
IBM Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) offers hosting services, your way. It is Customizable as well as affordable and offers numerous benefits.

Standard Service features for App hosting

There is currently not much information available regarding Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC). I am sure that in the coming period IBM will provide more information about DAC. Below an IBM video about Domino Applications on Cloud.

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud
This subscription service offers IBM hosted solution for Domino Apps over IBM Bluemix Cloud. The service offers a structured and planned migration process avoiding business disruptions.

More information: IBM Domino Applications on Cloud
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