Saturday, 9 September 2017

Important - Resolve Synchronization Issues that start after Upgrading to IBM Traveler (or higher)

IBM Traveler enabled by default a feature that allows Traveler to "Run as a User" instead of as a server. This feature resolves several long standing issues with accessing the user's data as the server ID, including:
  • Preventing event notices and automated responses from being sent “from” the Traveler server ID (they are sent “from” the user ID instead)
  • Preventing the server ID from being assigned as the owner of the mail profile when there is no owner defined.
  • Honoring access controls on the mail file and corporate lookup for the user.
  • The last point above may cause sync issues for mobile users. If the access controls are inadvertently set to values that restrict individual users, but do not restrict the Traveler server, then users that could sync when running as the Traveler server ID might not be able to sync when running as their user ID. 
Note that the Traveler administrator can disable the Run as User feature by setting the notes.ini value NTS_USER_SESSION=false on all Traveler servers and restarting the servers. This may be a quick way of restoring sync capability to the few affected mobile users with restrictive access control settings. However, it is not recommended because it is a global setting, so all users will lose the benefits of Run as User when it is disabled.

The IBM Support document describes the access controls, and the symptoms seen by the Traveler administrator when the controls are set to values which restrict users access.
Traveler introduces enhancements to the messaging, to make it easier for the administrator to identify which access control is causing the sync issue. Traveler also introduces a modification to the Run as User feature, that enables users to sync even if one of the access controls is configured in a restrictive way.

More information: How to resolve synchronization issues that start after upgrading to IBM Traveler (or higher)

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