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Become an IBM Champion - My Thoughts And Considerations

As everybody knows it's IBM Champion season again. Throughout the last year I had the privilege to participate again in the IBM Champions Program. For this I am very grateful. The IBM Champions Program is an amazing program! My nominations for IBM Champion ICS 2018 are nearing completion. With these nominations I want to thank those who have made a significant contribution in my perception to the community during the past year.

I am very committed to our community and try, as good as I can, to contribute to the community through visible activities as blog posts, tweets, running an international community and being a moderator in several communities. Over the past year I noticed several small and major changes in our IBM Domino and XPages community. Some of these changes were reflected in longstanding activities such as the great free XPages webinars from T.L.C.C. and Teamstudio and the outstanding NotesIn9 shows which both were limited to 3 webinars - shows this year. Over the past years these were the starting points for new developments, tips and tricks and learning moments for many in our IBM Domino and XPages community. Until now there are no substitutes or replacements for these great longstanding activities. Also some great and very active community members left the IBM Domino and XPages community over the past year, like Mark Roden, one of the great influencers in the IBM Notes Domino and XPages community. In addition to the above changes there were many more changes which I will not further elaborate in this blog post considering these changes are out of the scope of this blog post, namely the nomination of the IBM Champions 2018.
Overall, in my humble opinion, the 'visible' activity was a lot less this year in comparison with the past few years in our community. A major reason for this may be that 'visible' activities, such as blog posts, tweets and videos, are moving more and more towards speaker activities during major community events, such as Engage and Social Connections.
There were also many positive developments and some community members have clearly put themselves in the forefront this year given their contributions to the IBM Notes Domino and XPages community. For me personally, given the above, it was not as easy as during the last few years to come to a selection of community members I would like to nominate for IBM Champion ICS 2018. But in the end I did.

Who should be nominated as an IBM Champion?
Well, below are the detailed criteria, but maybe what would help are some examples of people who might be IBM Champions: The person in your company who knows everything there is to know about your IBM software or hardware and makes it all work together and is always the one answering everyone’s questions. The person writing articles or books about IBM technology. The person with a blog who investigates and covers IBM technology. The person who runs the local meetup or user group covering IBM technology. The person whose Twitter stream is always sharing what they’re building with IBM technology. The person making YouTube videos about developing with IBM technology. The person who has a couple of sessions every year at IBM and user group conferences and events. Those are all people who might be IBM Champions.
The IBM Champion program requires IBM advocacy and influence outside one's own organization or customer engagements.  IBM also seek individuals that have significant contributions in at least 2-3 areas as defined below (significant contributions = a contribution, executed multiple times or for an extended period of time).
This can be blogging regularly, tweeting regularly (on topics relevant to our industry, but not necessarily IBM-specific tweets), speaking at multiple events in a calendar year, User Group Conference Planning Committee member (involves the execution of a conference or a part of the conference over a period of several months) or be a President or Board member of a worldwide or local user group for a period of 1 year.

Take the opportunity to nominate an influencer of IBM Social Business now. Nominations for the 2018 IBM Champion program will be accepted through November 13. Say thank you, like I did, and Nominate an IBM Champion!
And remember, you can always nominate yourself!
If you need information about someone you want to nominate then take a look at his or her LinkedIn profile. Concerning the nomination form, the form has been improved this year, just fill in what you know and submit the form!
Hopefully this blog post gives some inspiration to submit a IBM Champion nomination if you have not already done so. Why, because they deserve it!

If you think, based on the above,  that you would like to be nominated as IBM Champion please contact me. Let me know what you contributed to the community last year and I will fill out a nomination form. If you would like to nominate me as IBM Champion ICS for 2018, I would highly appreciate it.

Below some usefull links for more information about the IBM Champion Program and the link to the nomination form.
Nominate an IBM Champion : IBM Champion Program
Nomination Form IBM Champion : Nominate an IBM Champion
More information about the IBM Champion Program: IBM developerWorks - Champions

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