Thursday, 2 November 2017

Free IBM Cloud Lite Account for Developers

There are some great new IBM announcements. First of all IBM Bluemix is now IBM Cloud. For more information you can read the blog post Bluemix is now IBM Cloud: Build confidently with 170+ services.
IBM Cloud is Designed for your Data, AI Ready and Secure to the core.
IBM Cloud offers the widest array of database options, from relational to NoSQL, while ensuring strong consistency, high integrity, and no delay.
IBM Cloud powers AI-intensive workloads that demand data integrity, low-latency and parallel processing. It also offers a broad range of Watson AI and machine learning APIs to build your own applications.
Security is at the core of IBM Cloud, it is not an after thought. IBM Cloud secures the movement of data on a network of networks. Public, private, and management traffic travel across separate network interfaces, segregating and securing traffic while streamlining management. IBM Cloud meets data sovereignty and compliance regulations with nearly 60 locally owned and operated data centers in 19 countries—more than any other cloud provider.

The second announcement is the IBM Cloud Lite Account for Developers.
What if you had unlimited time to tap into a growing ecosystem of AI-infused services and runtimes to build your apps? And what if you could do it at no cost?
Today, IBM is making that possible. with the IBM Cloud Lite account – a free account that never expires. Ever. Seriously.

What’s included in a Lite account?
This new account type is a great opportunity for you to get more out of IBM Cloud – on your terms.
Here’s what you’ll get at no cost:
256 MB of instantaneous Cloud Foundry runtime memory, plus 2 GB with Kubernetes Clusters.
Access to usage capped plans for select services, such as API Connect, Watson Conversation, Watson Discovery, Internet of Things Platform, Data Science Experience and many more. Check out the full list of available services.
Efficiency features, such as auto sleep and garbage collection, to help you better manage your resources.
Usage tracking and cap alerts that notify you when you’re approaching your data thresholds.

For more information you can read the blog post Introducing the IBM Cloud Lite account.

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