Thursday, 30 November 2017

Save Domino Document Changes in MongoDB

Some of the great 'new' development products continue to develop and evolve within the IBM Notes Domino and XPages world. Some are free to use for others has to be paid. For some time I follow the developments of one of these products closely, ClevaDesk. ClevaDesk is one of these amazing products which continues to evolve.
ClevaDesk system expands IBM Notes Domino capabilities and gives it new life. There is no need to think about migrating to other technologies.
Below a video about Clevadesk and what ClevaDesk is in short!
ClevaDesk is a flexible IT-system with a set of business applications, a Designer to build IT-systems without programming and a platform for migration of IBM Notes applications to the web browser.
Forget about Notes Domino limitations – no more limits with ClevaDesk!

Furthermore ClevaDesk offers new opportunities for existing IBM Notes Applications.

- Work with IBM Notes Domino Applications via web browser
- Work with documents on any device
- Reliable mult-level security system
- Create and manage processes of any complexity
- Fast creation of interfaces to existing IBM Notes applications
- Rapid design of new web and mobile interfaces
- Flexible multi-level fields validation
- Individual styling of any interface element
- Integration with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps
- Charting and dynamic reports

One of the new developments in ClevaDesk is saving Domino document changes in MongoDB. ClevaDesk can connect this feature to any ClevaDesk application and store any number of fields. It is also possible to view all file attachments , even if the attachment was removed from NSF. It will be stored in MONGO. All information is grouped by sessions and users and is easily searchable.

For more information: Website ClevaDesk

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  1. Johnny, Thank You, for this post!
    We hope very soon ClevaDesk will work with Mongo the same way as with Domino!