Thursday, 7 December 2017

Domino 2025 Virtual Jams - The Next Chapter Begins

IBM's strategic partnership with HCL is a step towards bringing a robust and exciting roadmap for Notes Domino version 10 and beyond to increase commitment and deliver a major release in 2018. These 90 minute interactive virtual jams will give us as users / customers a chance to share our thoughts on the Domino V10 roadmap including Application Development, Mail, Chat and Meetings. With these virtual jams IBM wants to ensure they get both qualitative and quantitative insights into the formulation of the roadmap and product vision and our attendance at this virtual jams will help IBM to achieve this.

So keep the dialog going and connect with IBM Product Management and HCL development teams.

As mentioned there will be some Domino Virtual Jams during the coming period. The current #domino2025 jams are by invitation only, so if you have not received your invite, you can send an e-mail to with the city you would like to attend. While invitations are limited in the face-to-face locations to just 35 people, everyone can attend the upcoming Domino 2025 Virtual Jams in their geography.
For registration and more information: We’re Off To a Great Start…Come Join Us!

Registration links Virtual Jam:
North America
Australia & New Zealand

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