Friday, 9 February 2018

Quick Notes Tip: Notes Designer Error - The Maximum Number of Login Attempts has been exceeded

At the moment we are working in our Notes Domino production environment with Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 7. This morning the following message appeared when I tried to open the Notes Designer. After clicking on OK in the message dialog the next message appeared whether I wanted to close Notes. After clicking twice on 'No' the Notes Client remained open and the Notes Designer opened as well. In the Designer I could not access any design elements within te Notes applications. All Notes application where 'empty'; no design element (forms, views, agents) were displayed in the Designer. The day before I had regularly switched between different id's. In all the years I have been working with Notes Domino I had not seen this message before at the start of the Notes Designer.

Initially I entered the message in Google. I came across the following IBM Support document, LO72683: CAN NOT RUN DOMINO DESIGNER BY RIGHT-CLICK> OPEN IN DESIGNER.
In the IBM Support document the solution was proposed, as a local fix, to delete the folder "Workspace" of the Notes client.

As a 'solution' I did not remove the Workspace folder but closed the Notes Client and the Notes Designer and restarted the Notes Client with my own administrator id file belonging to my organization. The message did not appear again and I could access all Notes application design elements again in the Notes Designer.
IBM closed this problem without profiding a solution. Probably IBM sees this behaviour in the Notes Client and Notes Designer as an acceptable bug.
So if this message ever appears do not delete the Workspace folder but close the Notes Client and Notes Designer and restart with a 'correct' id file.

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  1. Yes, the good news is it's just because of switching Notes ID a lot and just needs a restart of Notes. It's not something specific to FP10, it's something I've encountered for a while.