Monday, 7 May 2018

Installing Domino Feature Packs Part II - Solution Error A Notes Domino Related Process is Still Running

In continuation of my blog post from last week, Installing Domino Feature Packs,  I upgraded the Domino Server in the production environment today. During the upgrade process, unlike to the test upgrade in the test environment, we encountered a problem when starting up the incremental installer. The following error message appeared: Error: "Lotus Notes/Domino or a Notes/Domino related process is still running. Please close it before pressing OK to continue." when installing hot fix or fix pack.

The corresponding IBM Technote indicates that this issue can occur in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 when User Account Control (UAC) blocks access to .dll files that require file to read / modify.
Possible solution: Right click on the hot fix or fix pack executable and select 'Run as Administrator' .Alternatively you can disable UAC while running the installation. This will allow the upgrade to apply the upgrade. We tried both possible solutions however without success!

In response to my previous blog post I received the following response today from Jay Marme: I disable the Windows Management Instrumentation Service before patching Domino and re-enable it after patching has been completed since WMIS can cause issues.
We tried this possible solution and the installation of the Fix Pack started without any problem. Thanks very much Jay!
This solution is also described in Daniel Nashed's blogpost Solution for Notes/Domino related process is still running when applying a Fixpack or Hotfix.
Ultimately, the upgrade of the Domino Server was successful.

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  1. Hi Johnny, I also had this issue some years ago...