Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Using the Domino Configuration Tuner to Evaluate Server Settings

In my recent role as Domino Administrator I picked up a number of tasks including monitoring our Domino Servers. Yesterday I watched episode 5 of the great #Perfect10 webcast by Gabriella Davis. In this webcast Gabriella mentioned the use of the Domino Configuration Tuner which is shipped with the Administrator Client. Until now we did not use this Configuration Turner. The Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) evaluates server settings according to a growing catalog of best practices. All servers in a single domain can be evaluated together. DCT generates reports that explain the issues DCT uncovers, suggests mitigations, and provides references to supporting publications.
DCT comes with easy-to-use, self-service configuration analysis so that installations are more robust and experience improved performance. A single Domino server includes thousands of configuration options. DCT provides best practice analysis as well as worst practice disclosure, and helps reduce total cost of ownership by assisting users in identifying configuration problems. DCT looks at settings in the Domino Server documents, the NOTES.INI file, and advanced database properties. Configuration settings are flagged when their values are known to cause problems based on prior customer experience. Out-of-range and unexpected values are reported so that undefined behavior can be prevented. Suggested adjustments help you achieve known server performance improvements.

I followed the steps below to enable / use the Domino Configuration Tuner on our Domino servers.
1. Open the Domino Administrator Client.
2. Open the Tab Server - Analysis
3. Select Domino Configuration Tuner

4. The openings screen of the Domino Configuration Turner will appear.
5. After the update and the deployment of the updated files the local application will be created.

The final result are generated reports that explain the issues DCT uncovers, suggests mitigations and provides references to supporting publications.

After selecting the option Domino Configuration Tuner the message below appeared continuously (even after the restart of the Notes Client).

During the first update 6 files were successfully deployed. In the Status Bar the error message 'Unable to deploy one updated file (probably locked and in use)' is shown.
The solution for this problem is to run the Notes Client in Administrator mode after selecting Domino Configuration Tuner in the Domino Administrator Client. The Notes Client can then deploy the dct.jar file into its destination folder: %notes%/jvm/lib/ext.

For more information: Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT)

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