Monday, 16 July 2018

Quick Tip: NSERVER.EXE - Unable to Locate Component

Last week I upgraded our test environment to Feature Pack 9. As expected from IBM the upgrade itself went flawlessly. However a small problem arose when starting up the Domino Server after the upgrade to Feature Pack 9.

At startup the following error message appeared:
This application has failed to start because nsdhelp.dll was not found.

However the problem was resolved within a few minutes. After a quick tweet I almost immediately got a reaction from IBM Champion Oliver Busse. To solve the problem the nsdhelp.dll file could be copied from another Domino environment 9 (or backup) to the new Domino installation. With this the problem was indeed solved and the Domino Server could be started without any problems.
What do we have a great community in which everyone helps each other. Amazing!

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